3rd Ward Or Not, Bushwick Makes: Makeably Becomes Hatch

Gotta love a persistent local business! (photo courtesy of Hatch.com)

When Bushwick Daily attended the New York Maker Faire a few weeks ago, we were delighted to come across the display of Bushwick’s very own Makeably, a design and e-commerce site that facilitates a relationship between makers and the people who need things made. The site hooks users up with anything from personalized flip flops to knives to wedding cake toppers, and anything can be customized per an individual’s specs, which strikes us as incredibly useful. Makeably co-founder Anastasia Leng told us that they had some exciting things in the works coming up, so we swapped info, looking forward to hearing more from the company, which at the time was headquartered at the coworking space at the now-infamous 3rd Ward.

So when things started getting weird over at 3rd Ward last week, we dropped Leng a line to check in and make sure Makeably was doing okay. She assured us that everything was alright on their end, and told us that we could expect their big news to drop this week.

And drop it has! As of this week, Makeably has a beautiful new site – and is now called Hatch!

Making the transition to the new site with their space pulled out from under them was a tall order, but Leng and her business partner Ryan Hayward took it in stride, working on the changes from coffee shops in the neighborhood when 3rd Ward’s wifi network went down. While they’ve managed to soldier on, they’ll miss their old digs: calling 3rd Ward home had been central to the Makeably’s development, and many of the makers who work for the site were friends the two made at 3rd Ward. A featured collection on their homepage entitled Made in Brooklyn showcases the work of their contributing colleagues and serves as a beautiful record of some of the great projects that were made under the roof of the now-closed space.

Makeably got plenty of attention from heavy-hitter media outlets such as Fast Company and Business Insider, so we’re guessing that we’re not going to be the last ones writing about the new website, but we’re admiring it at Bushwick Daily as both an elegant execution of a great idea and as proof of the great things our neighbors can do, even when faced with unanticipated challenges. So check out the site and see if Hatch can make you something beautiful!

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