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On a recent Sunday afternoon, the six editors of Bushwick Daily, just like six musketeers, sat down in the back room of Tandem for our weekly meetup. Before we started sipping our happy hour drinks, all of us exclaimed together in the same breath: “We need more people!”

“They surely do,” thought Terry, Tandem’s bartender, to himself (we assume).

So here it is, dear readers: a big fat Bushwick Daily open call for collaborators, and a great opportunity to become one of us (and we don’t even have to bite your neck… most likely!).

So what’s the deal with Bushwick Daily?

Besides being awesome, Bushwick Daily is a website-online magazine-blog, and it’s almost three years old. It was founded on a lazy afternoon at Little Skips by yours truly. I was a recent graduate of Fordham Law School’s international business master program and had just relocated to Bushwick, via Harlem, via Prague, via Slovakia. My sole intention at the time was to have an place online to publish my voluminous Bushwick photography so I’d have something to be happy about while applying to law firm jobs, but– you know how they say “be careful what you wish for or it just might come true?”–I’ve never returned to a law firm, and Bushwick Daily has grown from a shy photoblog into a project with the incredible form and shape it takes today.

Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one totally obsessed with Bushwick, and wonderful individuals have joined me on this awesome journey. Maria Gotay and Wesley Salazar, to name two of my faves, have stuck with me through thick and thin, and about 30 other fantastic regular contributors are also a big part of the Bushwick Daily family, many of whom contribute to other awesome publications like Gothamist, Brokelyn, WNYC, Hyperallergic, Time Out NY and more!

Who are we looking for?

Freelance writers, photographers, videographers, and event planners who are super-creative and hopelessly obsessed with Bushwick.

The New York Times didn’t call us an “in-the-know-blog” for nothing. Arts, culture, local people, news, fashion, events, and dining are the areas we love to cover,  but we’re always open to new fresh ideas.

In order to become one of our writers, you have to be able to commit to writing one post per week and attending our semi-regular (bi)monthly meet ups. We are happy to accept experienced writers, photographers and videographers, as well as newbies who are looking for exposure or a way to give back to the community; your motivation is really the most important factor for us. You will be working closely with one of our editors on developing the ideas and articles, and you will be encouraged to both pitch your ideas and to pick up assignments.

We’re looking for positive, friendly, creative people with go-getter attitudes and quick, excellent judgement. You should be receptive to constructive feedback and always looking for ways to improve your work. If you’re the person who tells the most interesting stories at dinner parties, we want you!

Perks for you!

You will be given a chance to write for Bushwick Daily’s audience of about 55,000 unique visitors per month (we average approximately 150,000 page views these days, whoa!), 60% of whom are very loyal and read the site daily. We were reblogged and cited by all the major New York publications, including the New York Times, New York Magazine, The L Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, and The New York Observer, so trust us when we say that people will pay attention to your work and you can truly make a difference in your neighborhood.

If you’d like to know about the pay, we have to tell you that money should not be your priority for getting involved with Bushwick Daily: this is a voluntary opportunity (for the most part). Why is that? We’re a grassroots online publication without any corporate investors or a big media company behind our back. We have been created from scratch, and even though we make some money thanks to our sponsors, we are still on a mission to create a sustainable environment where we can commit to paying our collaborators. That being said, you may be asked occasionally to work on a sponsored project, and you will be paid for that. Despite the lack of direct payment for your work, our contributors do land jobs, many gigs, perks and freebies thanks to their involvement with Bushwick Daily. So it’s really up to you to determine how much you can make of this opportunity!

Does that all sound good? Fill out our form below, and we’ll take it from there!

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