Kitties! (photo by Steven Liu)

Two adorable kittens, named Arthur and August thought one day that it would be cool if they took a walk on the subway tracks on Church Ave in Brooklyn.

But it was a terrible idea. Both Q and B lines were suspended for two hours while everybody was really worried and the cops jumped between the tracks trying to rescue them, reported Daily News last week. Nobody could however catch them because at this point the kitties were scared shitless and running back and forth. Eventually, an officer just scooped them up according to the Daily News. Because that’s life: you’re trying to figure it all out while the easiest answer is under your nose…. It seems that nobody cared that the kitties shut down the subway for that long because everyone wanted them safe — everyone except mayoral candidate Joe Lhota who would have let them die. And we know who’s not getting my vote!

Kitties on the tracks! (photo: MARC A. HERMANN/MTA NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT)

Anyhow, it was an adorable and heart-breaking story, and we think that Daily News deserve a Cat Pulitzer for reporting it. Really.

If you’re wondering what happened with the two munchkins from the subway tracks, well, as any other young and rebellious fellas, they now live in Bushwick with two other cat roommates. A guy named Steven Liu is fostering them in his duplex apartment, basement of which is dedicated to his cats.  Steven even calls his apartment lovingly the Scratching Pad and has a website dedicated to the cats he fosters. “They’re healthy, and sharing a room with two other kittens that boasts a scratching post, toys and boxes to explore, along with an “apology” note,” writes Daily News. I mean, awwwww….