Bushwick is the land of wide skies and endless views that never get old.

photo:  @arxitectura

A story of Bushwick told through thousands of eyes unfolds in front of you every time you look through Instagram photos hashtagged #Bushwick. We’re people who love beautiful things and we find them in the most unexpected places. Take a look at 25 of the most beautiful #Bushwick Instagram photos from the past week.


We’re the people of Bushwick roofs. We live in the rays of early morning light.

photo: @whitneybrodribb

Our roofs feel so high that you can touch the clouds.

photo: @mppflife

The Manhattan skyline is the best enjoyed from Brooklyn.

photo: @mrsalays 

We celebrate friendship and Bushwick on the daily.

photo: @jesocat

We know that community holds the power.

photo: @kungfukid7

We have beautiful men….

photo: @koliday

And women.

photo: @tmronin

We adore our small patches of nature!

photo: @allykatson

High five here, high five there, you’re famous…in Bushwick!

photo: @roseycalifornia

We are suckers for nostalgia…

photo: @nova_wimblish

And we dream big.

photo: @quackdt

We are reminded to be thankful for life through a puddle’s reflection of the world.

photo: nyseegraffix

We live in a city where lamps are halos and trees are precious altars.

photo: @ruckercorp

We love our pets! Whether it’s a bunny…

photo: @mikotoe

Or a (hello) kitty.

photo: @monicafhernandez

We love Bushwick rain or shine.

photo: @instantcoffee

We’re proud of our street art!

photo: @bushwickcollective

And we enjoy the solitude of a dark night.

photo: @qtopia

Sometimes Bushwick gets so beautiful, you think that someone up there is playing tricks on you…

photo: @lifeofwu

And your eyes roll out.

photo: @margotbird

But we do know how to appreciate the beauty of industrial warehouses…

photo: @iam_lgd

And heavy machinery….

photo: @flipstahh

And laundromats, where we meditate on life and such.

photo: @dude_of

Here’s to life in #Bushwick!

photo: @esteban_mia