Never’s Owl

We gotta hand it to you, Bushwick – when it comes to your Craigslist presence, you definitely do not disappoint. Sure, you may hawk the same “GORGEOUS newly renovated” apartments, “gently used” secondhand Ikea furniture, and kinky sexual encounters that the rest of Brooklyn has to offer, but we would be selling you short if we didn’t acknowledge the great Craigslist gems that you produce in between – one of which we came across this morning under the events listings in the gigs section of the site after searching “Bushwick.”

Owl Needed


This post, which is very specific while simultaneously leaving so much to the imagination, caught our attention right away. The facts of the situation as we have identified them are: the person posting is hosting a housewarming party at his or her new apartment in the ‘Shwick and wants an owl there to “set the mood.” The owl in question, which would preferably be live (although a person dressed in an owl costume might be acceptable?), would contribute to the “cozy” vibe at the soiree. The post, which went live on Wednesday, July 31st, offers $85 for bringing a live owl to the party & $45 for a taxidermied, or “taxi’d,” specimen and requests that those with an owl costume name their rate.

Unfortunately for owl handlers, impersonators and taxidermists around the neighborhood, it seems like the window of opportunity on this gig has passed: the post specifies that interested parties should be in touch this past Monday, August 5th.

Dear Craigslist Poster, you’ve piqued our curiosity! Did you hear back from any suitable candidates? How was the party? Would you qualify it as having been cozy? Do you have pictures, or future party invites, you’d like to send the Bushwick Daily team?! And was it just a coincidence that your post went live on fictional owl-owner Harry Potter’s birthday?!

Let us know. Until then we’ll be hanging around HQ continuing to speculate about your private life. Thanks for reminding us that the Q train ain’t got nothing on us.

Your faithful correspondents,