Animal Collective has a new beautiful video for “Monkey Riches” directed by Jack Kubizine. The Creators Project took a closer look at the process of its production. [The Creator’s Project]

Dead dolphin was washed out at Rockaways Beach. *sad face* [DNAinfo]

And a dead baby shark was spotted on the N train. What’s going on? [Gothamist]

Aaron Short gives a closer look to Vito Lopez asking whether Bushwick & Ridgewood can survive without him [City and State NY]

Sweet Science, a new restaurant opened on Graham Ave [Brightest Young Things]

It turns out that there is a big jump between Bushwick (9-10%) and East Williamsburg (27%) in the percentage of people who vote in mayoral elections [WNYC]

Getting priced out of Brooklyn. A sad story on Brooklyn Based [Brooklyn Based]