Bushwick Throwdown was awesome (all photos by Alexandra Uzik for Bushwick Daily)

The weather was beautiful, DJs were playing hip hop, contestants were in festive mood, despite the heat, sweat and new bruises. On Sunday, their goal was to perform the best skateboarding trick.

Bushwick Throwdown, the first official skate jamming event in Maria Hernandez Park, went down this past Sunday. Organized by Omar Rivera of BB Social Club and hosted by Jefftown:Brooklyn and Silky’s Brooklyn, we saw a lot of incredible skateboard stuff and had a jolly good time. “[I’m] so glad it didn’t rain, it was great to see kids come out and have fun on something built by skaters for skaters. We couldn’t have done it without Silky’s Skate Shop and all our sponsors. Promoting skateboarding is what it was all about, it’s effected our lives in so many positive ways. It especially feels great to have the event in our neighborhood. I just had to walk a block to go home,” Omar told us.

Who won? Gavin from Plan B came in first (Congrats!), Derek From the Hood was second (Woohoo!), and Bog Dan from Tre Truck was third (Not bad at all!). Sponsors gave away a lot of swag – from tees to stickers to skateboards – and hell, the audience was pretty happy about that. “Oh my god, that was an epic product toss – we had so much. Silky’s and Zoo really hooked us up,” Omar said. I didn’t get any of the swag because I had a camera in my hands the whole time, but I did get all these fun pictures for you. Check them out and see you next year!