All photos by Yaz Rosete for Bushwick Daily.

Enter what looks like another Bushwick residence, as you pass a couple doors, you will find yourself dancing through a glass maze surrounded by the blending of attractive drag queens, your fellow neighbors, and amputated mannequins. Surrounded by strobe lights, loud speakers, a small stage and shiny pole (if you’re into aerobics).

If you have not gone to a DizzyLand at The Spectrum yet, add it to your calendar. This erratic party, put together by Trey LaTrash and hosted by Worm Carnavale, takes place at The Spectrum on a monthly basis. The later the night is, the more interesting things happen…

yazrosete_062213_dizzyland_treylatrash and worm

We asked some of DizzyLand regulars about the party:

MsFitz: “Its the only party in NYC I feel totally at home. Great people, incredible looks, Next level artistic human beings! The future of NYC is happening in Bushwick.”

Moni LaFemme “It’s the only party you can go to and feel like there are people there a lot weirder than you.”

Wil Lewis: “… Til the next sunrise..”

Trey LaTrash: “Sunday is like 50% eating nachos and 50% thinking about how perfect last night was.”

Worm Carnevale “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.”

Cher Noble: “I think I’m supposed to post about how great DIZZYLAND was last night but doesn’t that go without saying at this point?”

Nicholas Gorham: “Not that I have any insider quotes, but at mama said sparkle on wed night, someone said to me “wow, one night the spectrum is a club and the next its a cabaret lounge. Where would we be without you guys?” That made me feel all gushy inside.”