Anne Hathaway (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

A few tents set up outside of veteran Bushwick venue Goodbye Blue Monday on Tuesday night indicated that there might be a film shoot going on. Passersby with good timing may have caught a glimpse of a rain poncho-clad, surprisingly short but totally beautiful, Anne Hathaway on break outside. It’s likely that the shoot was part of Song One, in which Hathaway plays an archaeologist who returns home from a dig when her brother ends up in a coma; she then strikes up a relationship with aforementioned brother’s favorite musician.

Other cast members on the project include Mary Steenburger as Hathaway’s mother (which seems like great casting to us, not just because the two actresses look alike but also because we loved Steenburger’s performance on 30 Rock in the role of Diana Jessup, Jack Donaghy’s waspy mother-in-law turned love interest) and, in the role of the love interest, Johnny Flynn, the lead singer of the British folk outfit Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit.

Good Bye Blue Monday (Photo via their website)