12 Photos of Bushwick Barbershops to Make You Happy

Photo by Therese Maher

They are definitely gentlemen clubs. Numerous barbershops are scattered around Bushwick, and together with bodegas they comprise the most typical Bushwick businesses. Bushwick barbershops are happy places indeed; you pass by, politely nod to greet the owner who just stepped out to smoke a cigarette, you walk in to be welcomed by the familiar buzzing sound of the grooming machines. The barbers are working, shaving, grooming, cutting, it all feels like a beehive or a factory. The customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently but everyone gets a dose of personal attention at the same time. “Next!” says young barber as a school kid gets up from a chair, his hair chopped short, and grabs his school backpack. 

You can have a chat with a customer in line about his daughter who is just graduating FIT (he will show you her artwork on his phone), or with a barber at work who doesn’t like to be in photos but will agree to pose soon enough. Besides you can always get away with a quick candid shot. For me personally, photographing the barbershops is a bigger project that I intend to work on over a longer period of time and this is just the beginning. To start it off nicely, I invited our wonderful Bushwick Daily photographers, Peter Dressel and Thérèse Maher to send in their shots of Bushwick barbershops.  Enjoy!    

Photo by Therese Maher
Photo by Katarina Hybenova




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