Rachel Day’s Zodiac: Aries

Rachel Day

A quote I found recently written about Aries that I really liked was from this little paperback by the Astrology big guy Syndey Omarr. It said, ” Your sign is the way: the start, the lead, the surprise, the fire, as contrasted to the dull, the conservative, the ordinary. You bloom rather than fade; you startle rather than announce. You are attractive, dynamic, and delightfully surprising. The memory of you lingers because it is next to impossible to forget you.”

I would like to invite you to follow our new monthly zodiac series here on Bushwick Daily, or all to be part of the Zodiac Subscription! You ‘sign’ up and each month you receive different artist made zodiac items! This month top level subscribers will receive this poster that aries, Meriem Bennani made, so all you fire signs can cool down!

Stay tuned for later this month, Taurus!

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