Sunday Read: ‘Just Because’ by Kristy Davis

Illustration for Bushwick Daily by Shanon Weltman.


Just Because

by Kristy Davis

Because we were just going to meet for a drink, because then Liz was game to go, because whiskey turned to beer, because no one was dancing, because Liz stole the DJ’s heart, then gave it to me, because I had the heart and why not pass it around, because some people are real assholes and they can’t stand the sight of a heart, because some people can, and some did, and more did than did not, because why not, because what have you got to lose, because we started the dance party, actually Liz did, because I danced on a table, because those people wouldn’t dance, so I danced on their table, because if you can’t get away with it here, where last weekend they had the Virgin Mary pull a rosary out of her pussy, then where can you, because then it became a game, because then the Queen came and worked his Queen magic, and then the sugar daddy danced and kept dancing, because then the nerdy boys got their grooves on, because the DJ played Paint It Black, because the dudes kept sneaking away, because I had the heart again and lassoed them in, because then the whole place was pretty much dancing, and good job us, because the owner wouldn’t even dance, because he said, Come back next weekend, because then I danced on his chair, because then we were going to leave, because we were going to a different place, because by then the dude who was not Turkish and who was not a revolutionary despite his red scarf, because I had a red scarf too, because he was coming with us, because so was his friend, the other guy, because so was sugar daddy, because Liz said, Let’s go, because now we had an entourage, because now we were taking our fly fucking selves down the street to another place, where everyone danced and we wouldn’t have to work so hard, because the other guy said, You’re a lot of fun, because fucking hell it was cold, because I forgot my glasses, because I’ve now lost or broken three iPhones, because we got lost, because of me, because the guys didn’t mind, Fresh air, they said, because someone had a smart phone, because we found it, because the lights were really flashing, because we stayed until it was time to go, because we said goodbye to the guys and walked, because we were close, we walked until we knew where we were, then went our separate ways, me over and down, Liz up and over.


Kristy Davis is an associate editor at O, The Oprah Magazine. Her fiction has appeared online in Swink, Tugboat, and TK Reviews.

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