The Ritualist: A Ritual to Receive: Get “Right” with Your Desires

Oftentimes, we call in a smokescreen cornucopia of occurrences because we have not yet gotten “right,” as I call it, with what we desire. If you have layers of shame, fear and judgment around what you really want to do with your life and who you really want to be, you are going to have a difficult time calling it in clearly, and you will have an even more difficult time receiving it. Getting right with your desires is the second key ingredient in the ritual to receive because you cannot invite and accept something if you are not clear about what exactly you want.

This is a task to get clear about what you want. What will it do for you? How will it make you FEEL? Who are you and what will you know about yourself when you receive this thing you desire? When you have shame about your desires, you literally push what you want away from you. Even if you really do WANT it, when you are not “right,” or in alignment with what you desire, you cannot and will not receive it.

To get right with your desires, sort through and resolve the resistance you have to getting what you want. If you don’t want to deal with the responsibility, the added things to manage, the vulnerability, the judgment, the unpredictability, the…list goes on and on…from an energetic perspective you are then literally telling the universe that you are not ready to receive it, and you will not get it.

Get right with your desires now or they will always and forever be future tense. They will never, ever become embodied commitments in the present moment. The nature of desire is yearning and reaching for something in front of you. The nature of having is to envelop, take in and accept. Whatever you have not accepted about what you desire is the exact reason that it is still a desire and not something you actually have right now. Each moment is a choice and that choice is yours. I’d love to know what stands between you and your desires this week. Tune in next week for the next key ingredient in this Ritual to Receive.

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