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HNRY FLWR has kept his fans waiting for new music for quite some time.  Since the release of his 2017 EP Flowerama, the Ridgewood based songwriter has been working hard on new material – escaping off to the seclusion of upstate New York to record with minimal distractions, and exploring what he refers to as the “infinite void.”  In that time, his mystique has grown by leaps and bounds due in part to his cryptic messaging, unique backstory, and theatrical live performances, which primarily feature all yet to be released material.  

Photo by Linus Hablot Lester-Hodges (WE COLOR LIVE)

His story is an intriguing one. According to his own account, he fled a cult with his mother at a young age and became transfixed with the healing power of music after attending a punk show as a teenager. In an interview last year, he confirmed that his larger than life story is all true and that he views playing music as a sort of secular spirituality – one where music is the prayer. 

Photo by Lisa Candela (WE COLOR LIVE)

Now, FLWR has finally shared his first new music in three years, a powerful new single called “Waiting Room.” Written while FLWR was sitting in the waiting room of a pediatric cancer center in New York City, the powerful, emotionally raw track explores the supernatural, the healing power of love, and the uncertainty of life after death. True to his beliefs as to the healing power of music, “Waiting Room” aims to shed some light during bleak times, as its somber mood eventually bursts into an emphatic refrain of “feel the love.” In this respect, his signature croon is both soothing and comforting in its ability to pierce through the song’s dark instrumentation and goth-pop tones. 

Stream “Waiting Room” below:

Catch HNRY FLWR on tour this month, including several dates in Austin for South By Southwest. He’ll also be performing with two other Bushwick area standouts, Cindy Cane and No Swoon, on several stops. He’ll also be playing with Rodes Rollins at The Mercury Lounge on April 22nd.

All photos courtesy of HNRY FLWR. Cover photo by Linus Hablot Lester-Hodges.

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