Amanda Fama

Let’s face it: Whether you’re a solo acoustic artist (like myself) or a drummer in a rock band, rehearsing in your tiny Brooklyn apartment is hard. Chances are high that you’ve got a handful of roommates and paper-thin walls that don’t leave much to the imagination. Therefore, playing your heart out every night before bed probably isn’t ideal for everyone. With that being said, finding the right rehearsal space in town is important — but booking a cheap one can be tough. Thankfully, The Grind Rehearsal Studio is here to help artists practice on the cheap.

The Grind Rehearsal Studio —  located at 1001 Irving Ave. in Ridgewood, New York — is a space where musicians can rehearse without breaking the bank. In fact, solo artists can practice for as little as $10 per hour. (That’s, like, less money than a cocktail.) Believe it or not, the studio’s band rates are just as affordable. Based off of the space’s website, an artist and one friend can rent the room for $15 an hour, and a full band can score the spot for $20 an hour. If you split that four ways, that’s a ridiculously cheap practice.

Paul V, the co-founder of The Grind Rehearsal Studio, talked to Bushwick Daily about the room’s perks. “We’ve worked extremely hard to create a space where musicians and bands feel both at home and confident with rehearsing. We used to jam out all the time in so many different studios, and it was difficult to find a space that was nice, had good equipment and affordable [rates] at the same time,” Pau V said. “Our studio provides all of those factors with the aesthetic, the gear, the option to book directly online whenever bands want, and the community that comes beyond the studio.”

So, exactly what kind of equipment is included in the rehearsal deal? According to The Grind’s studio website, musicians who book the room will have access to two mics and a pro mixer, a pro Yamaha drum set, a pro tuber guitar amp, a pro bass amp, two 1200 watt speakers, and a pro Yamaha keyboard. If that excites you (which, c’mon, it should), you can book the rehearsal space by clicking here.

If you’re a local creative, The Grind Rehearsal Studio might sound familiar. That makes total sense, because the co-founders of the rehearsal space also created an extensive community of artists called TheNYCGrind. The inspiring organization gives artists, dancers, musicians and more, a chance to perform in various creative events throughout New York City. Some of those events include “art bashes,” open mics, concerts and dance parties. For a list of TheNYCGrind’s upcoming events, you can check out the company’s website.

By visiting The Grind Rehearsal Studio, you’re basically immersing yourself into its growing community of local creatives. Plus, you won’t have to break into your savings account in order to practice for your upcoming gigs. It’s a total win-win.

Cover image courtesy of The Grind Rehearsal Studio.

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