It was May and a group of Latina drag queens had taken over the stage of C’mon Everybody, to exclusively perform Shakira songs. The reason? Yas Mama

The legacy of the Colombian global popstar was joining those of other Latina divas like Selena, on the list of tribute nights offered by the party producers at Yas Mama in order to “make space for the Latinx folks and Latinx excellency on stage,” as host Lady Quesa said when introducing the show.   

The Brooklyn drag queen legend Horrorchata had brought to the stage La Zavaleta, Jenn D Role, Charlene and Dimani. All took the crowd for a ride through the diverse repertoire of the three-time Grammy and twelve-Latin Grammy winner from Barranquilla.

La Zavaleta took us out of the closet and made us howl to the moon with her interpretation of the 2009 hit “She Wolf.” She followed this with a voguing strut and an instantly unforgettable leg-guitar that accompanied with her energetic performance of “Objection Tango.” 

After lip syncing to “Hips Don’t Lie,” Lady Quesa arrived in a leopard print bodysuit and gave the audience a routine to the tune of the slow and dramatic number “Moscas en la casa.” Clearly tired of wearing heels all night, she had completed the look with Texan boots.   

Jenn D Role and Dimani then made the yellow and orange lights of the stage’s lights  shine even brighter, giving us what Shakira and Beyonce still owe their fans – a tête-à-tête  performance of their 2006 hit “Beautiful Liar.”

Charlene kept it to 90’s Shakira, however, opening the night with 1998 ranchera inspired hit “Ciega, sordo muda” before then taking us for an intense ride through the dessert with her rendition of “Ojos así,” the record with which Shakira paid homage to her Lebanese heritage. 

The DJing that night was handled by the hands of Ickarus, who also made their drag debut with a performance set to “Las de la intuición,” wearing their best purple wig and catholic schoolgirl uniform, reminiscent of the song’s music video. The purple wig then became a category itself, with all queens later wearing it on stage to just have fun and also to celebrate Horrorchata’s birthday, with cake included. 

“Yas Mama” has become part of a short but consistent list of meeting points to celebrate Latinx music and divas in the Brooklyn drag scene. Other local parties that have become part of this circuit include “Amiga,” that La Zavaleta hosts over at the Rosemont, and “Saoco,” an event hosted by queens Vena Cava and Victoria Holiday, that’s run once a month at the Rosemont too.  

More recently, the latest “Yas Mama” show happened this past Saturday, on August 6th, which presented another cast of local drag queens – @la.zavaleta, @callmedickk, @jenn_drole, @showponii, @ladyquesa and Djs @itsickarus and @horrorchatanyc.  Their tribute, that time was to no other than the “Conejo Malo” himself – Bad Bunny

For those looking ahead, the next show takes place at the club on September 3rd.

Lady Quesa
Lady Quesa, Horrorchata, Charlene, Ickarus, La Zavaleta, Jenn D Role, Dimani

All images taken by Juan de Dios Sanchez Jurado.

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