All photos by Ileana Little for Bushwick Daily

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Aputumpu, a traveling party and music showcase, put on a show at Shea Stadium featuring SoftSpot, Field Mouse, Osekre & The Lucky Bastards and The Micks. It was a chilly Thursday evening but folks made their way to industrial Meadow Street for an evening of melodic variety and good company. A really nice crowd of longtime friends of Aputumpu and of the bands came to support them. The Micks started off the show with foot-tapping, blues inspired, punk rock and garage undertones.

Oskre n The Lucky Bastards

Osekre & The Lucky Bastards (who we’ve written about quite a few times) played next. Fronted by the founder of Aputumpu, Osekre delivered so much energy when he performed, it fueled the audience into a dancing frenzy. This six-member band, composed of brass, strings and drums, pulls its sound from African folk, punk, indie, and other genres. What makes this band so enjoyable is their capability to mix multiple types of music and form an upbeat sound that everyone can relate to.

Rachel Browne of Field Mouse

Following Osekre was Field Mouse, a four-piece dreamy shoegaze band who have been getting a lot of press lately. At this point in the show, if anyone was seated, they were now standing up by the stage. Rachel Brown, singer and guitarist, entranced the crowd with her soothing, dream-pop vocals, while her band delivered tranquil harmonies through steady, soft guitar and drums.

Field Mouse
Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral of Field Mouse

Headlining the night was SoftSpot. Sarah Kinlaw and Bryan Keller lead this experimental pop band. They can be described as having fluid instrumentals and an overall innovative, ambient sound. Kinlaw’s voice is seductive and powerful and completely draws you in – a perfect ending to the night.

Catch the next Aputumpu party, “AZOUKA!” will take place Feb 9th. Check out the details here.