Keeping it ICE COLD : The Best Music Shows of the Week

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It’s that time of the year when everything comes into perspective. Brooklyn is chilly and with temperatures falling into the low teens, once meaningful priorities are easily being kicked off your to-do list. For instance, is that someone or something really worth the steppe  into this frigid tundra we know as Bushwick? Well, these shows will be worth the adventure. Grab a hot spiked anything on the walk over and remember to keep it Ice Cold

#1 Mr. Dream, YVETTE, Bueno (EP Release), Advaeta @ Shea Stadium  (Thursday, 8pm) $8

This will be an intense LOUD night. Travel light & leave the weak at heart behind.  Check out Mr. Dream below.


#2 Bird Courage, Racing Heart, The Sewing Machine War, Land of Leland @ Paper Box (Thursday, 7pm) $7

Get there early and stay for all four bands. These vibratious sounds will make you hug a stranger or perhaps remember as to why you moved to Bushwick.

Bird Courage  Video shot here in Bushwick.


Racing Heart


#3 Gero & Ide, Cheap Dinosaurs, Lurker, Lurve and Trach as part of the 9th Annual Berfest @ Big Snow (Friday, 8pm) $8


Hunt or be hunted. Gero & Ide are two brothers who both share an animalistic  yet serene way of producing sounds. Playing the drums simultaneously they attack each song with raw ambition. Heavy reverb and distorted nature-like calls will have you feeling like Jaguar Paw in Apocalypto. This is a very good thing. Make sure to catch them at Berfest.


 #4 Hamin Reed, Dylan DeBiase, Malik Champloo, Freedom Scott, Flow Revere (DJ)  @ Goodbye Blue Monday (Saturday, 8pm)

Goodbye Blue Monday has a well-rounded lineup for the people who are scared to experiment outside of their comfortable music zone. Stay around for the poet/rapper Malik Champloo.


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#5 Field Mouse, Somos, The Weeds, Charlie Bliss @ Big Snow (Sunday, 8pm) $7

Another solid lineup of bands that should already be on your radar or slowly entering. Hear them below.

The Somos


The Weeds

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Field Mouse



Stay Warm NYC!

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