Grumpy Cat doesn’t go to shows

If you’re  just getting over the flu like me, and have been wearing the same pajamas for three days in a row, then you must be itching to get out! Hopefully you are totally healthy and are ready for the weekend. Either way, here are five shows in Bushwick (and a two nearby) that will be a blast!

BONUS: Seven pictures of cats sinning for your entertainment!

#1 Desert Sharks EP Release @ Shea Stadium (Thursday, 8pm) $7

These ladies will take you back to the Riot Grrrl Days of the 90s. Hard Nips and Heliotropes won’t let you down either with their heavy guitar riffs and strong female vocals. Include Hippy in the lineup and you have the perfect dose of garage pop.  This show is a great way to kick off the weekend!

#2 Class Actress, Neon Indian (DJ set), Chairlift (DJ set), Mess Kid (DJ set), Erika Spring, Lemonade (DJ set) @ 285 Kent (Thursday, 8pm) FREE!

Class Actress is the main attraction at this spot. Frontwoman, Elizabeth Harper, draws you in with seductive pop vocals. This Brooklyn synthpop band is reminiscent of New Order and 80s New Wave dance music. Accompanied by Erika Spring (of Au Revoir Simone) and some great DJ sets, this is sure to be one huge dance party. It’s also FREE!


Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson.

#3 Ski Lodge, Island Twins, SW/MM/NG, Spires @ Shea Stadium (Friday, 8pm) $8

Shea has another awesome show this weekend! Ski Lodge is headlining this show with their upbeat, simple melodies and happy chord progressions- an act not to be missed! Supported by Island Twins, a trio consisting of sibling team, Erik and Meagan, and their drummer Tony, this fuzz pop band will be sure to keep you moving. Be sure to make it for Spires and SW/MM/NG as well! Killer bands, good vibes, you gotta check this out.  You’ll have a smile on your face the entire time!

#4 Parquet Courts, PC Worship, Household, Gal Pals, Priests @ Death By Audio (Friday, 8pm) $7

Parquet Courts, featured on Ohmyrockeness’s Bands We Like, are definitely worth checking out this Friday. Though not a Bushwick venue, DBA is one of our favorites.

#5 Yellow Dogs, Shark?, EULA, Denzels, Radical Dads @ Living Bread (Saturday, 8pm) $10

Brought to you by the lovely folks from Delinquency! You remember those guys, right? Well they’re throwing a party at Living Bread this Saturday! It’s their first of many! It’s gonna be sweet and you can bet it’ll be a heck of a time. After all, they’re gonna have FREE Narragansett beer!

#6 Hippy, Chit Chat, Stolen Girls, Milk Dick, Ba Babes @ The LAB (Saturday, 8pm) $5

Off of the Myrtle/Wycoff L/M stop, this venue is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t been yet. The lineup will keep you going all through the night! All five bands will be sure to make your whole body shake with their noisy garage punk sounds!

#7 Sharkmuffin, Lunchbox, Sic Tic, Vivienne Eastwood @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (Sunday, 8pm) $7

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge hosts a show with some bands that have just the right amount of energy to wrap up the weekend. Vivienne Eastwood and Sic Tic will be sure to calm your nerves with some soothing sounds. Following these acts are Sharkmuffin and Lunchbox, two hard hitting punk bands, who will make you feel like you got kicked in the stomach in the most amazing way. You’ll leave ready to conquer the week ahead!