How does one get back to life after displacement due to a natural disaster and bad misfortune? By doing the next honest thing. My background in finance and fury says stimulate the economy, and your body. I have scoped out bands and shows that have piqued my interest in Bushwick. So I am throwing someone by the name of “Abraham Lincoln” on it. That’s right, it is my Top 5 Bushwick music picks for the weekend.

#1 Vassals CD Release Show W/ T.H.E.M, Blank Paper, I/O , Jungles @ The Paperbox (Friday doors at 7pm)

Yes to Vassals. Their sound is full with the hot British Invasion sound. Blank Paper is providing Little Dragon vibes but her name is Ling Ling. Hi Ling Ling! The Paperbox is where it is at on Friday!

Blank Paper providing a wicked cover of Wildfire

#2 The Birdhive Boys W/T.H.E.M, Adrianne Lenker/She & The Sun @ Muchmore’s (Saturday, doors 7pm)

This line up is a sweet break away from the regular line ups I have seen in the hood. The Birdhive Boys  are Blue Grass, Soggy Bottom Boys sounding gentlemen, but without the overalls. She & The Sun are a brother/Sister duo that blend acoustic/folk harmonies. This whole line up is strong.


#3 Gary Wilson, Jan Terri, ZZZ’s, Childproof, Aquadora, Laron + Janier @ XPO (Saturday, doors 7pm)

Let’s get another crack at Halloween shall we? 3D Ultra Late Halloween Party! I missed out on the ZZZ’s last time they played out. A must see for those like me obsessed with Japanese music culture. 私は日本人になりたい!Gary Wilson is a true pioneer and needs to be on your musical bucket list. This night is freeky, and I like it. Love you Jonny.


#4 SlowAnimals, Honeydrum, Treatment, & Weird Rivers @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, doors at 8pm)

Well, SlowAnimal my name is Y-E-S. SlowAnimal is a Mute Math with a surf safari bang sound. Honeydrum, better be wearing the outfit in the video when you sing Sore Cheeks. I love you.


Honeydrum – Sore Cheeks from honeydrum on Vimeo.

#5 Hurricane Sandy Benefit W/ Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp Duo, 75 Dollar Bill, Les Conversions @ Shea Stadium (Sunday, doors at 8pm)

Are you a champion? You winning The Last Man Standing Contest yet? Have a Bloody Mary with your Beacon’s Closet find of BluBlocker shades and head to a benefit to end your weekend. I have not seen one band, and only have this lone video of Chris Forsyth @ Koen Holtkamp Duo peforming. However Nymph was supposed to play, but Hurricane Sandy put a damper on their lives in Red Hook, and are unable to do what their passion is. Music. They got my $8 solid.

Remember, I always win Last Man Standing. Game on.