10 Songs for Your Awesome Halloween House Party!

Amazingly executed house partying – that’s what we think about here at Bushwick Daily pretty much all the time. With Halloween approaching, we put together an ultimate playlist of spooky, creepy and weird songs to play at your awesome Halloween House Party!

Let us know who you like these and let us know if you think of more awesome spooky songs in the comments section.

#1 Whodini – Haunted House of Rock

Like The Monster Mash, a Halloween hit celebrating a party that already happened.   This one’s got some of the same monsters too, but here Dracula’s drinking Bloody Mary’s, Wolfman’s on the turntables, and the Invisible Man is apparently some kind of groper, although nobody can verify that.  There’s a few versions of this song but the “Special Rock Version” is the party jam: all the same 808 and spooky sound FX on the intro, but with some guy ripping on guitar in the background.

Special Rock Version beefed up with some metal guitar riffs :


(Matthew Sanders)

#2 Michael Jackson – Thriller

He pretty much brought the whole dead to life with this monster jam. When I first saw this, I couldn’t sleep without my Michael Jackson pillow over my head. Full Length only, just so you can rock the choreography. I know you know it.

(Jenna Aranda)

#3 Rockewell – Somebody’s Watching Me

Big ups to Jenna for bringing the spooky MJ tracks into the mix.  I’d mix Thriller into Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watchin Me” (Michael’s on the chorus).  I’ve never understood why Rockwell delivers this song in a pseudo dracula voice, but it makes for good Halloween music.

(Matthew Sanders)

#4 The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp

Campy Halloween anyone? Perfect blend of party motivating and sing along.

(Jenna Aranda)


#5 Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey

Hear me out. Let’s get down to brass tacks, ha!  Halloween is time for adults to barely wear clothes and get freaky. What better way than a live version showing just how hype it gets any party going.

(Jenna Aranda)



There’s no Halloween classic quite as fitting as Monster Mash. Unless you’ve got exceptionally attractive friends, you likely will find yourself surrounded by some monstrously-fitting costumes on Halloween- your 29-year-old male neighbor dressed as Marilyn Monroe? Your best friend dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire? It’s gonna get monstrous.

(Maria Gotay)


#7 Ariel Pink and Michael Alan Alien – The Opera

This is the song to put on when the Peyote kicks in and you want to break out the body paint. It was created for the Living Installation project during which performers are “costumed” with paint and other materials. The bouncy guitar and various percussion lilt and tilt while the vocal performances sound like they’re coming through a weary Leslie speaker in the middle of all your Frankenstein friends. Enjoy the trip.

(Sean Alday)


#8 GRIMES – Oblivion

… “See you on a dark night”…

(Devon Groomes)


#9 Broadcast – Pendelum

Trish at her best, the lyrics are pretty haunting with the tempo.

(Devon Groomes)


#10 Julie Cruise – Falling

Yes, I am obsessed with Twin Peaks lately, but is there any better time to enjoy your Twin Peaks obsession than Halloween? I don’t think so! Play this Julie Cruise song and dance slowly with your log. Or with the closest special agent!

(Katarina Hybenova)


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