Dear photo + Bushwick loving folk, due to Ms. Sandy’s kinks the photo walk is being canceled for the time being. We will keep you posted on the substitute date soon!! 

Don’t stop taking pictures!

Bushwick Daily & Bushwick Community Darkroom are inviting you to Bushwick Halloween Photo Walk with Meryl Meisler!

Whether you’re a digital, analougue or an iPhone photographer; a pro or just a hobbyist, you are warmly invited to celebrate the time of year, beautiful light, long shadows and pumpkin carving all over our lovely neighborhood! Join us for the 1st Bushwick Halloween Photo Walk with the Bushwick Daily and Bushwick Community Darkroom photographers, lead by a Bushwick photography legend, Meryl Meisler! Bushwick Daily will publish the selection of the best photos taken during the Walk! 

We will stroll the streets of Bushwick, talk to people we encounter and mainly take a lotsa pictures! Just like Meryl Meisler used to do in the 1980s (and still does today) when she was an art teacher at a local school. Thanks to Meryl’s photography, today we have an invaluable source of visual material documenting our beloved neighborhood during the hard period following the 1977 Blackout. Despite all, Meryl Meisler managed to capture with her warm photographer’s heart the joy of life in the streets, kids playing in the ruins and people falling in love.

Meryl Meisler will be leading our photo walk and will give us tips for incredibly successful street photography.

We will meet on Sunday between 2-3PM at Mama Joy’s for a $1 off drinks, and will head to the streets and mainly Maria Hernandez Park for pumpkin carving, Calabaza Fest!

Furthermore, Bushwick Community Darkroom will be offering a special Halloween Analogue package. $30 will get you a 35mm SLR camera for the day, 1 roll of b&w film, processing of that film and a contact sheet. (As the number of cameras is limited, please reserve a camera now at [email protected])


Looking forward to meet you all!! <3 ❀❀❀ <3

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