It’s been a couple of months since we totally fell for, and launched our Bushwick Daily Radio. Every Monday at 5pm, our own jojoSoul spins like a crazy machine and cracks jokes with his buddy RG. Hip hop, R&B, salsa, whole bunch of unexpectedly obscure tracks and also live rappin’ or jammin’ – all of that you’re been regularly hearing right here on our website. Today, jojoSoul has something special for all you! He pulled out his old toys – discontinued audio, live mics, analog player and he will try their sound. Naturally LIVE at 5pm, so tune in, and let the guy know in the chat how you like his old toys…. 



Just a quick reminder how this works. Simply go to our website and turn the volume up. For the time of the broatcasting we have a mixl player up on the right sidebar. If you want to chat with jojo and engage more with our mixlr community, go directly to and either sign in or listen as a guest user. In either case, have FUN!