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Tom Gallo is the host of Look At My Records! on Radio Free Brooklyn.

Get your October started on the right foot by attending one of these great gigs:

Wednesday, October 2

Phantom Wave, Plight, Atlas Engine, Tiny Moon at Sunnyvale, 8 p.m. ($10 at the door)

Atlas Engine. Photo by Bloodless Management

Wednesday night’s lineup at Sunnyvale mostly features acts with heavy dream-pop and post-rock inclinations. Local shoegaze trio Phantom Wave tops the bill before a performance from Plight, who released their latest EP, “Linger” back in March. Rounding out the lineup is East Williamsburg-based Atlas Engine, whose latest dreamy single “Running” will help cure your summer hangover, and Tiny Moon, a lo-fi garage-pop project.

Thursday, October 3

Turtledoves, Quicksilver Daydream, Spiritcake, Melissa Mary Ahern at The Footlight, 8 p.m.

Cincinnati-based, husband-wife duo Turtledoves bring their luscious electronic-acoustic soundscapes to The Footlight on Thursday night. Their latest EP, “The Rest is yet to Come,” oozes with ambient textures and ethereal melodies. Local psych-folk act Quicksilver Daydream is also performing songs from their new album, “Fly Oblivion,” which features the commanding single, “Hang On.” Ambient folk artist Spiritcake, who hails from the United Kingdom, and singer-songwriter Melissa Mary Ahern, who released a stunning new single “Maria, Maria” back in July, will open the show.

Friday, October 4

Patti, Preening, U+1f631 at Alphaville, 8 p.m. ($10)


Post-punk outfit Patti may have flown under your radar since relocating to New York from the Bay Area back in 2017, but their latest endeavor, “Good Big,” which drops this week, is likely to change that. The new record expands on their excellent 2018 EP, “Bad Back,” with more angular and wiry riffs that are bursting with nervous energy. Their Oakland friends Preening, who play a similar style of post-punk with a no-wave bent, are in town for the celebration, as are new act U+1F631.

Saturday, October 5

Cindy Cane’s Haunted House at Our Wicked Lady, 7 p.m. ($10)

Spaghetti western-loving, goth-punks Cindy Cane are bringing heavy doses of darkness to Our Wicked Lady on Friday and Saturday night for the second installment of Cindy Cane’s Haunted House. Split between the venue’s rooftop and the main floor, the event features performances from some of Brooklyn’s best including HNRY FLWR, Plaid Dracula, Whiner, Holy Wisdom LLC, The Bloodsuckers, Winnie, and of course, Cindy Cane. And while the first installment was largely represented by local acts, this time around attendees will enjoy performances from a few excellent out-of-towners like Slaughterhouse, New Primals and Eternal Crimes. If you’re not in the Halloween spirit just yet, this will definitely change that.

Cover image courtesy of Patti.

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