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Friday, September 20

Ellen Allien/Volvox/Juana at Basement, 10pm

Image via Instagram

Ellen Allien leads a stellar lineup of strong techno ladies at the pounding subterranean Basement club. Allien is a Berlin artist through and through with her sound, evident since her 2001 Berlin-dedicated album premiere Stadtkind, is consistently on par with the heavier sounds of the city that were once synonymous with Tresor and now the downstairs worldwide acclaimed Berghain space. 

Allien has grown with the sounds of the city and the world and has grown her output to her own BPitch Control label as well as sub-label Memo Musik for more minimal sounds and now the UFO Inc label which features a very 2019 acid-house friendly techno vibe. She’ll be joined by some of our town’s heavy sonic leaders including the beloved Volvox (an UNTER resident) and Juana of Discwoman fame. It will be a night of big, dark sounds (duh, Basement) but expect big female energy and acid-tinged beats. Pro tip: Catch Allien in an intimate, vinyl-only party at Halcyon, on Thursday September 19 at 6 p.m. 

Saturday, September 21

Colin Self and Eartheater at Sultan Room, 8pm

Colin Self, image via The Sultan Room

Eartheater is a Queens-native and ambient-sound-noise-drone-experimental-techno-neo-classical-whatever artist whose songs are both explorations in theme of the spirit and of the sound. The classically-based composer, vocal performer, and heavy electronica includer will play at The Sultan Room alongside Colin Self, a noise techno artist out of New York and Berlin (shocking) and a part of the music trio Holly Herndon. 

Colin’s compositions affect audiences aurally and emotionally, covering issues of gender, communication, and consciousness. When an artist says their work is in conversation with technology-based famed feminist Donna Haraway, you perk up your ears. Expect an adventurous evening in the nabe’s new locale which might fit in either in a big city of 1971 or a future-retro spaceship of 2071. 

Thursday, September 26

Epilogue IV: False Witness, Young Male, stauffenberg at Bossa Nova Civic Club, 10pm

Image courtesy of Epilogue.

The fourth iteration of this monthly party continues to bring the bangers from local artists who rep the neighborhood, the borough, and even just the block, bringing their jams here to Bossa and nearby Mood Ring for the classic Bushwick one-two punch. 

Tonight they bring False Witness, a proudly trans artist from Brooklyn whose entry to the music came through visual arts and whose interest and background in visual hyperreality informs their work behind the DJ booth. They’ll be joined for Young Male and stauffenberg for a classic night out at Bossa Nova.

Friday, September 27

The Spectrum Presents: Daughter at Market Hotel, 10pm

Image courtesy of The Spectrum

The Spectrum continues their iterations into the future as an intensely inclusive and queer space that supports members of the LGBTQIA+ community in an environment that offers a safe space, togetherness, and a pile of good times that last into what counted as the morning when it was still actually summertime. 

This is their newest party, Daughter, whose artistry consistently stems from local LGBTQIA+ community performers whose works range from queer cyber-pop to industrial sludge to latex-techno. Standouts include Neve, whose music brings together such unlikely combinations of descriptors as industrial pop star. Evening is rounded out by a live performance from Jack Powers (it’s artsy, it’s fashion, it’s a performance). It’s a queer, ephemeral, shape shifting expressive kind of night. 

Cover image courtesy of Hot Rabbit.

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