Experience ’80s Club Culture in Bushwick Through Immersive Dance Party with Secret Guest

Savannah Camastro

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Just when you thought your summer dance calendar was full, New York-based pop artist, Ariana and the Rose, is bringing her immersive disco to Bushwick. A culmination of live music, performance art, and visual design, Light + Space will take place on July 18 at the 3 Dollar Bill.

Having always been fascinated with the colorful freedom harnessed by ‘80s dance culture, Ariana wanted to extend her artistry past a normal concert experience. “I always wish I had something like that,” she said, when talking about the days where Madonna and Blondie ruled New York’s hottest clubs. Light + Space is a hybrid of a performance and a dance party where the space created is dedicated to the audience. With a focus on keeping guests present and engaged, Light + Space taps into all the senses– even taste: “edible glitter” is often given to those who accept it. 

Not every Light + Space event follows a substantial theme, but Ariana likes to play around with different ideas to keep every show fresh. This month’s Light + Space is inspired by the cosmos, in which Ariana hopes to take her audience to a different place when they enter. “We use lighting designs to create an other worldly experience,” she told Bushwick Daily.


Light + Space first started in 2017 in London as an experimental show Each location brings in a different crowd, which often helps shape the course of the night. “The first show was really small and intimate, and felt very personal,” Ariana explained. However, when Light + Space first came to Bushwick’s House of Yes for a three month residency, the energy was a lot different. “There was a glitter bar and everyone got dressed up, it was like a big party.”

The night typically starts off with a DJ set, followed by some sort of performance by either a drag queen or performance artist. This time around, Light + Space will be hosting a very special guest that has yet to be announced. The performance is followed by a set from Ariana’s band, and ends with another massive dance party. The guest roster is different every time, promising a one of a kind experience each time. When selecting artists, Ariana keeps the location of the venue in mind, “I want each show to feel true to the community.”

As an artist, Light + Space has not only allowed Ariana explore her passions for visuals and community building through music, but has helped  her with her personal career. “Doing Light + Space has really opened my mind and took down my walls,” she said. Because Light + Space is audience focused, she often forgets about the expectations that come with doing a traditional concert performance. Before each event, Ariana always finds herself “waiting to be nervous.” “But instead I’m excited to have people come and take care of them.”

This Light + Space event is sponsored by the Phluid Project, and will feature a glitterbar by Lemonhead.LA as well as an aura photography booth. Tickets are available here. For more information on Ariana and the Rose, follow her on Instagram or checkout her website.

Images courtesy of Ariana and the Rose and 3 Dollar Bill.

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