By Maria Gotay

First of all, let me say Delinquency is BALLIN’. Yes, it may technically challenge Bushwick borders a (just east of Grand Street at Morgan Ave) but its industrial placement, smokestack-ed exterior, and ecclectic and artful interior will make it the perfect bike distance from our pigeon town. In the same industrial clump as successful DIY venues like Shea Stadium and House of Yes, Delinquency is a high-quality reinvention of the DIY space. Mid to late August is the projected opening time- and we’re waiting anxiously!

Funded by partners and best buds Julian Vigouroux, Stephen Saverence (smiling above) and Landon Webb (who all previously worked at Pianos on LES), the space was a brain project bringing together the music and drinks in an undeniably unique atmosphere. Exposed brick lines the main room, once a rectangle, now filled out by a hand-built wooden bar, a music venue in the back, two twin skylights, and a hundred pieces of found and collected furniture and furnishings. From murals to an enormous (10 feet tall) moon suspended from the ceiling and gumball machines, from polynesian-style woven chairs to 50s-style retro bar stools, Delinquency is a feast for your eyes.


The music venue area in the back was designed and built to be multi-purpose- for more intimate shows, a curving set of doors closes the area off from the bar.  For larger shows, the doors swing away to invite the entire bar space to enjoy the show.

BirdDog Promo‘s Dave Teller (who we are quite fond of, by the way) is the booker at the space and we can only expect the highest quality shows to go on here. A whole lot to look forward to, for foodies, musicians, music-lovers and people who just love cool new places.

Bonus! If you want to see BEFORE pics of the space, which was cool even when it was an empty warehouse, check out this article we wrote on a show there almost a year ago! How the times have changed.


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