By jojo SOUL

If you happened to be awake and online at noon on Saturday, you probably heard some the soft launch of the 1st live Bushwick Daily Radio show.

RG and Nipsy from Brothers From Another were hangin’ at jojoSOUL‘s studio for a Saturday afternoon broadcast, spinning some music, chatting a bit, and freestyling! We had listeners checking in around the country, in bars, restaurants, and in the car!

If you missed it don’t be sad, because here it is! BushwickDaily’s first live radio show!  Raw, uncut, and FUN AS HELL!

Let us know what you think and subscribe to the podcast!  Stay tuned for the upcoming show on Saturday at noon! We are still figuring out the best time to broadcast live so we are relying on your feedback, so help us out, folks!

To subscribe to the podcast in iTunes:

1. Open “Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast…” menu in iTunes.

2. Enter


See/hear ya on Saturday!