Fall’s lasting a long time and so can you! This weekend, pace yourself for shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, plus the marathon that is Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Stamina, LET’S GO!

#5 COKE WEED [record release] // PRINCE RUPERT’S DROPS // SAVANTS // STEEP LEANS // EARRING // DJ SETS @ Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway, Williamsburg (SUN 8PM, $8/10)

#4 DOM, Samson the Truest, Milk Dick @ Alphaville, 140 Wilson Ave, Bushwick (FRi 8PM, $10)

#3 Old Table, The Gradients, The Cradle, Ziemba, Yucky Duster, C. Bangles @ Bohemian Grove, 66 Grove Street, Bushwick (SAT 8PM, $?)

#2 PWR BTTM, Mumblr, Winter Passing, Teen Death, Nonsense @ Aviv, 496 Morgan, East Williamsburg (FRI 8PM, $8)

#1 Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival @ Various Venues (FRI-SAT, $50/100)