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If you have to be a diva this weekend, you might as well channel the Spice Girls and do it all Saturday Night Diva style. You know, platform boots. Chocker necklace. Pigtails. These trends are all pan-sexual. Pick one and let’s get deeper and down….

#5 Glasser, Monogold @ Brooklyn Flea, 50 Kent Ave (SUN 3PM, $FREE)

Free dayshow at the flea with some epic music. What’s keeping you?

#4 Frankie Cosmos, No One & The Somebodies, Thelma, Yours Are The Only Ears @ Palisades, 906 Broadway Ave (SAT 8PM, $10)

It’s time to reconnect with that insecure teenager buried beneath years of liver abuse and dry shampoo. Do so in the safety of dark neighborhood DIY.

#3 Quiet Loudly (reunion), El Jezel (reunion), Otherworldy Things @ ALPHAVILLE, 140 Wilson Ave (FRI 8pm, $?)

“….and we’ll also have DJ sets by Cara Bella and StereoactiveNYC. so, let’s have a good old-fashioned stroll down memory lane and get the whole StereoactiveNYC and Fort Useless scene back together like old times! let’s drink a little too much, hug a little too long, and play a little too loud.”

#2 Crushed Out, Feral Foster, Lord Youth, Slingshot @ AVIV, 469 Morgan Ave (SAT 9PM, $8)

Local surf/country/rockabilly duo Crushed Out is here to make you move.

#1 LITTLE SKIPS ART, & MUSIC SHOW w/ FUGITIVE // BEN PAGANO & THE SPACE MACHINE // BUDO KIBA // BIRD COURAGE // noisycrane // JUN KAWAKAMI @ Little Skips, 941 Willoughby Ave (FRI 8pm, $5 Suggested Donation)

“Join us Friday September 18th, for our 1st Annual Little Skips Art and Music show featuring original artwork by Little Skips Staff.” Art + Music + Video + Coffee = YAS!

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