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Just in case you thought summer was over, tomorrow we’re reaching highs of 81 degrees and partying at the beach with a whole bunch of indie babes. Plus, there are four other great concerts happening this weekend in Bushwick. I know there’s gonna be good times…!

#5 Outlier Recordings Five Year Anniversary featuring Woulg // Matas // Oddlogic // Jacob 2-2 // Skeleton Zoo // Permian Strata (VJ) @ Palisades, 906 Broadway (SAT 12am, $5)

BK-local music label & artist collective Outlier Records is having a big party midnight at Palisades. Get a redbull under your belt then go sway to some experimental electronic jams.

#4 Micachu & The Shapes, Highlife @ Alphaville, 140 Wilson Ave (FRI 9pm, $12)

Micachu (pronounced Mee-kah-koo) & The Shapes just put out a new album, Good Sad Happy Bad, on Rough Trade Records. You should go listen to it live.

#3 Turbo Fruits, Pocket Hercules & The Teen Age @ Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow Street (SAT 8PM, $10-12)

Oh man, Turbo Fruits are in town again! The Nashville garage band will be jangling hard at Shea Stadium tomorrow night, joined by Pocket Hercules and our pals The Teen Age!

#2 Liturgy, Sir Richard Bishop, Kill Alters, JG Thirlwell (DJ) @ Trans-Pecos, 9-15 Wyckoff (SUN 1pm, $12)

Your Sunday is about to get a whole lot deeper.

#1 ☼ FREE BEACH PARTY ☼ w.The Forms ☼ Salt Cathedral ☼ TOMBOY ☼ Nicholas Nicholas @ Riis Beach (SAT 2pm, $FREE)

Do join!

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