BirdDog Promo’s *Warehouse Party* Pix

By Maria Gotay

David Teller over at BirdDog Promo really knows how to throw some parties. Between his fantastic Northside shows (featuring Monogold, Teengirl Fantasy and Sunairway) and the 2-day festivals he’s been booking at Brooklyn FireProof (featuring the likes of Headless Horseman, Slam Donahue and more), BirdDog is getting press for throwing some of the best shows in Brooklyn. So when I got the chance to be his intern I basically drooled at the opporunity. Last weekend was an infamous free << WAREHOUSE PARTY >> that involved a incredible line-up featuring bands hailing from BK, Baltimore, Richmond and beyond- Celestial Shore, Lands and Peoples, Heaven’s Gate, Jeff Kessel, Night Manager, Black Girls, Secret Mountains, and Tiberius. The space, called “Delinquency BLVD (basically at Grand and Morgan in Bushwick) is probably the best-looking warehouse I’ve been to- with a skylight, walls covered in autographs and drawings, and an amazing light installation from Andrew Thomas. I caught the latter half of the show, with 3 great bands, and ended the night with shots of georgi and epic R&B dance party that was both unforgettable and really hard to recall.

Black Girls from Richmond are versatile and funky. Sometimes they channel the creepy-yet-beautiful vibes of indie masters like Modest Mouse (“Devil Out There”) and others they sound like a soulful Sly and the Family Stone mixed with modern funk like Maroon 5 (“Get Off”). Whichever way they come, they bring an incredible stage presence and jammed out with the audience!

Secret Mountains, how you intrigue me. You’ve got that neo-gothic Portishead vibe going on, laced with clear and delicate vocals, but then again, you’re so psychadelic. You’ve been reviewed by the NY Times but still remain totally obscure. You rock really hard but then you shoegaze away. You’re great, that’s all.

Tiberius, ending the night in noise rock ambience that blended lots of rock genres- prog, post-rock, experimental. Think of a darker and more concise Explosions in the Sky. They jammed out hard and brought the crowd to a whole new level.


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