Group photo by Nick McManus

When you’re tak’in photos for Bushwick Daily, you know you’re gonna read Bushwick Daily and that’s exactly what I did. Last week, my eyes saw that video shoot for Love Supreme had put the call out for the love and that love came. Produced by Franchkiss records, Tim from The Love Supreme and his choreographer Lindsay had the troupe in good form.

Before my flash could get ricocheted by the workout-video-parody-causing condensation, I thought about how much I liked this ‘shushing’ move Lindsay had created. A group shush was requested by your author and group shush was granted. What was definitely hip was definitely made into a square and everybody broke up afterwards into a definite workout formation. Once everyone got going they definitely worked it out and you will definitely enjoy this video!

**Bushwick Daily will update you when the video is premiered. 

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