In case you were unaware of this gem, David Bowie and Mick Jagger covered “Dancing in the Streets,” back in their hay day, and it seems pretty representative of what everyone should do this weekend. If you feel like dancing in the street, drinking SODA as you galavant in your snazzy button down or since it’s summer, let’s say cut off shorts, through the lofts of Bushwick and beyond, you should check out top shows this weekend! There are fun outdoor festivals,  awesome house shows, and various out of town bands that are gracing the streets of New York with their presence. And do yourself a favor and watch this video perpetually until you get out in the streets yourself to check out these ridiculously cool shows.

#10 Quarterback, Lobby Art, Foozle, Max O @ Shea Stadium (THURS 8PM, $8)

Hit up at Shea Stadium tonight with the mellow, pop acoustic sounds of Quarterbacks. You can do a little bit of sitting and contemplation, but make sure you dance in the sweatiness to the epic, punk styles of Foozle and more!

#9 Motion Studies, Psychic Twin, New Myths, Special Guest! @ Cameo (SAT 7PM, $10)

It’s Pancakes and Whiskey‘s first birthday, so they are celebrating with Bulleit Bourbon, wispy dance-rock of New Myths and the dream-y electro band Psychic Twin! If you really wanna dance like Jagger, the best thing to do is to have the Bulleit-infused ice cream sandwich (first 50 people get one free!) from Tipsy Scoop and then keep your eyes open to see who the special guest is!

#8 Mallory, Warn the Duke, The Veda Rays, Stephen Otto Perry, American Darlings @ Matchless (FRI 8PM, $7)

Friday at Matchless, Hearts Bleed Radio is presenting this stellar, completely dance-able line-up and you can pretend you are in the streets while you hang out in between sets in the half indoor/out door area. Bushwick’s Mallory, whom Bushwick Daily recently wrote about for Listening Party, will be rockin’ out. In addition, The Veda Rays with their dark, post-punk style will be hitting the stage. Don’t sit there like a sad pumpkin man though, dance…like your in the streets.

#7 Honduras, Journalism, ONWE, Turnip King, DJ Tommy Davidson @ Palisades (FRI 8PM, $5)

Get in on this Slackgaze Zine party as they present a super rad line-up including DJing by Tommy Davidson of Beach Fossils. It’s also Journalism‘s EP release. It’s a little garage-y with spastic drums and pretty guitar riffs, and definitely dance-worthy; in fact every band on this bill is!

#6 The Teen Age, Drenge, Wax Witches @ Rough Trade Records (SAT 8PM, $10 adv/$12 door)

Have you heard British rockers Drenge? They are on a U.S. tour and will be making their Brooklyn stopover at Rough Trade Records this Saturday night. It’s totally music to move and groove to, and opening are Bushwick’s own The Teen Age!

#5 Teargas Rock, ADVLTS, Hound, Nabrok @ Silent Barn (SAT 8PM, $8)

Richmond, VA’s Teargas Rock is having their record release this Saturday night at Silent Barn! Sharing the stage are ADVLTS from Baltimore bringing that punk/garage sound. Also, in case you think you can get your swagger on even more, don’t miss Philly’s Hound, featuring members of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists!

#4 Mindtroll, Crazy Pills, The Roulettes, The Grand Affair @ Muchmores (FRI 8PM, $5)

It’s a birthday party! You should definitely put on your finest suits and get in your street dancing mood, because there will absolutely be room to boogie to the sweet, soulful sounds of Crazy Pills and the unique, folk-circus rock of Mindtroll!

#3 Summer Nites, Lost Gloves, American Darlings @ Pet Rescue (SAT 8:30PM, $5 Donation)

Fort Useless is a non-profit arts organization which has recently had to relocate and in the meantime has found other spots to put on their raucous, rocking shows. This Saturday at Pet Rescue, check out the innovative punk-inspired sounds of Lost Gloves, and Summer Nites blazingly beautiful guitar lines. If you were David Bowie you’d be totally into it, or like anyone.

#2 Skeletons’ “Escape from New York” Party @ Trans Pecos (SAT 3PM, $10)

This is a goodbye party/festival of sorts for the lead singer of Skeletons in that it’s all day long and will involve many bands, BBQ and baby pools! It will basically be like the music video to “dancing in the street” since it’s out doors and everything will be bad ass. The show starts early and also features Zs , PC Worship, Hubble, Unicornicopia and many more!

#1 Out In The Streets Festival @ Onderdonk House (SAT & SUN 1PM, 2-day pass $22 adv/$25 door)

After reading all about Out In the Streets from our preview yesterday, you know that it is filled with amazing food, art and music. You also know that this will be the ultimate place to try to channel the energy of Bowie and Jagger and dance like hell in the streets/the fields of the Onderdonk House. Get ready for a fantastic weekend with bands like Not Blood Paint, Starlight Girls, and Neighbors and that slip n’ slide that we can’t be more excited for! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to dance!