This week’s Friday First is a triple-whammy, featuring 3 brand new videos from 3 local NYC bands. Prepare your ears and eyes for a fresh dose of local talent: Throw Vision, Crazy Pills, and Winkie. 

Friday First

 is a weekly column devoted to premiering new music from local, national, and international artists.


“Break It Down” by Crazy Pills

Crazy Pills, the Brooklyn-based, female-fronted rock-n-garage band, is back with a surf-tinged single whose guitarline sounds straight out of the 60s. The video on the otherhand, is a silly modern tribute to all things feline. Shot with a handheld camera and BW filter, the video flicks a cast of funky characters and their fuzzy pets, all singing along to the anthem. The poor cats look mostly miserable while being thrashed about by their masked/sunglassed owners. The song, luckily, is just rocking enough to justify this mild animal appreciation/cruelty. Catch Crazy Pills live at Northside… maybe you can bring your cat!


“Hippocampus” by Throw Vision

Former Bushwick Music Crushes Throw Vision have been laying low since the release of their excellent LP, In I . Now they bring the “indie soul experimental” touch to this mysterious video for “Hippocampus.” Featuring the band members themselves, the video was filmed by director Noah Hutton over the course of the last year and features a twisted plotline of art installations, treehouses, and natural, meditated disaster. Wherever this place is, we don’t want to be there. We’ll take seeing Throw Vision in the comfort of Piano’s, thanks– they play there June 19th.


“Illuminated” by Winkie

This sexy video is the first off of industrial/shoegaze band Winkie‘s 2013 LP One Day We Pretended To Be Ghosts. Almostly entirely in slow motion, the video matches the dark yet exciting vibe of the song, moving in pace with the eerie drone of the guitar. The video is visually stunning, ranging from grainy black and white portraits to magnificent bursts of light to the multifaceted glow of laser beams. They played  last week at Coco66 so keep your eyes out for upcoming performances from this talented group.