This week’s FF features 10 brand spanking new releases coming out tomorrow, Saturday April 19th, specifically for Record Store Day. In its eighth year, this is a very special occasion for the people who make up the world of the record store—the staff, the customers, and the artists—to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.  Out list features releases from Thee Oh Sees, LCD Soundsystem, Ex Cult, Parquet Courts, Sky Ferreira and more! Friday First is a weekly column devoted to premiering new music from local, national, and international artists.

#10 Sky Ferreira- Night Time, My Time Picture Disc

Just can’t get enough of Sky Ferreira’s boobage? The pop star’s Night Time, My Time gets the picture disc treatment this Record Store Day. Meaning that instead of the black vinyl  you’re used to spinning, there will be images printed into the vinyl instead. Hold onto your shower caps-let’s hope for some nudity.

#9 Torres/Motel Beds The Harshest Light 7”

Nashville’s Torres, one of our breakout SXSW sweethearts, will bring her honey-coated vocals and scratchy reverb to one half of this split 7”. The other half features garage punk band Motel Beds and their jingle, “Tropics of the Sand,” which is sure to inspire some head bobbling.

#8 Creepoid- WET 12″

Graveface Record’s Creepoid bring their sludgy-yet-sensitive alt rock sound to the masses on this 12, which features 4 new songs and a B side etching. Hailing from Philly, Creepoid is new to the scene but one to keep your eyes on as they bring back the 90’s grudge in an approachable way. Listen to the Titletrack exclusively here. Poor bunny.

#7 Parquet Courts- Sunbathing Animal 7”

Earlier this month Parquet Courts unleashed “Sunbathing Animal” to the world, the title track of the band’s upcoming sophomore record. Now, the ferocious punk ripper gets its own special release, cushioned by another choice cut, “Pilgrims to Nowhere.”

#6 Oneohtrix Point Never- Commissions 12”

Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin, is offering up his latest 12”, Commissions I. The record is part of an exciting project that brings together Lopatin’s commissioned works from several mediums, including art, performance, and film.

#5 Ex-Cult- Ties You Up/New Virtues 7”


Ruthless Tennessee punks Ex-Cult will release their sophomore album, Midnight Passenger, on April 29. In the meantime, nab the band’s Ties You Up/New Virtues 7”, produced in Los Angeles by none other than Ty Segall.

#4 Deerhoof with Marc Ribot- Who Sleeps, Only Dreams 7″

This split 7” features a bit of a musical lovefest between Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and composer and guitarist Marc Ribot. Their sounds come brilliantly on this record, blending the scuzzy experimental of Saunier with the free jazz guitar of Ribot in a tropical bout of pure listening pleasure. The record is available via local Bushwick label Northern Spy Records.

#3 LCD Soundsystem- The Long Goodbye

This record presents the full, unabridged recording of LCD Soundsystem’s 2011 last show ever at Madison Square Garden. Any slight LCD fan will be thrilled by the pulsing energy of the performance, the sheer emotion heavy in James Murphy’s ephemeral voice as he sings his songs for the last time. It’s 4+ hours long, so get ready for the most lengthy of listening parties.

#2 Non-Violent Femmes Compilation (Speedy Ortiz, TEEN, Joanna Gruesome, Bleeding Rainbow, more)

Ladies (and men) are sure to dig Non-Violent Femmes, a pretty awesome compilation featuring all female-fronted bands. Speedy Ortiz, TEEN, Joanna Gruesome, and Bleeding Rainbow are among the killer lineup offering exclusive and previously unreleased tracks.

#1 Thee Oh Sees- Drop LP

Back from their “Indefinite Hiatus” Thee Oh Sees surprise and delight with this full length out on Castleface tomorrow. Their rip-roaring guitar sound dominates, much more brutally than in past records, and angelic, poppy vocals infused the song with the quintessential Thee Oh Sees paradox. Fun fact: this record was recorded in a banana-ripening factory.

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