This week’s Friday First is an exclusive stream of Bushwick rock’n’roll ragers The Nuclears‘ brand new LP, This is How We Party, hitting stands January 28th. The Nuclears are referred to as “New York City’s primo beer-chugging, sci-fi-referencing, leather-jacket-wearing rock & roll band” for good reason; their long-awaited new album is a joyous rollercoaster of a listen, powered by catchy, punk and blues-influenced vocals and rhythms, screaming guitar, flying keys, and the occasional sprinkling of feelgood brass. It’s basically an irresistable invitation to rock! Friday First is a weekly column premiering brand spanking new releases from local and national bands.

The Nuclears hit the ground running in 2011 with their self-titled LP, which turned heads for its gritty, authentic, unforgiving powerhouse sound. Since then, they’ve gone through a lineup change that suited them – including the addition of a keys player, bringing a melodic, retro, and unexpectedly fun sound to their classic rock’n’roll vibe. This Is How We Party dips its toes in all of the grooviest tide pools – from splashing through bluesy bouts to metal-sleek guitar riffs ripping songs apart and lightening up with splotches of surf rock sunshine, and all the while keyboard solos bring in a quirky kindheartedness to the album. It’s a totally diverse record that showcases The Nuclear’s ability to perform rock with serious power (“Shelf Life”) at the same time bringing a level of honky-tonk humor to their music that we can all relate to (“New York City Blows”). Oh, and don’t forget a completely badass Beatles cover (“And Your Bird Can Sing”)!

The album was recorded and mixed in Bushwick, at respected and Bushwick Daily-praised The Fort recording studio, which closed up not long after its owner Jim Bentley’s tragic passing. From there it was scooped up by David Pattillo (recording/mixing Robert Plant, The Black Crowes, Rufus Wainwright, Sheryl Crow, and more) and was completed at Pattillo’s studio, Flow NY, between August and November 2013. Cue in some incredible collaborations from guest instrumentalists and vocalists including Danny Ray (New York Dolls, The Waldos, Bo Diddley, Mick Ronson) on saxophone, The Potash Twins (Lincoln Center Orchestra) on trumpet and trombone, and Cherrye Davis (Deathrow Tull), Briana Layon (Briana Layon & The Boys), and David Pattillo (The Dead Exs) on additional vocals. The result? A confident, slick, and roaringly good album powered by a group of talented guys who love life. Loving the album? Be sure to see The Nuclear’s infamous live rock show at their Official Release Party show next tuesday (1/28) at Home Sweet Home – it’s only $5! We’ll headbang with ya there.

The Nuclears – Live Bowery Ballroom