Winter Music Series at Radio Bushwick Kicks off Saturday

Winter Music Series!

In a heartfelt introduction to the series, promoters My Socialist and Supercrush Studios expressed their feelings about the arctic blast that’s defined this season: “this Winter is harshing my vibe in a serious way.” We couldn’t agree more about the weather, but one great thing about 2014’s upcoming cold months is the Winter Music Series at Radio Bushwick, starting this Saturday. Across three weekends in January, Feb, and March, the series will transport you with musical delight through Winter and deliver you into Spring. The  lineup is sprinkled with big name Brooklyn indie bands like Desert Sharks, Heliotropes, Clouder, Grand Resourt, Friend Roulette, Foxes in Fiction, Psychic Twin, and many more. We talked to Gabo from Supercrush Studios, who was behind this year’s fab Out In The Streets Festival, and whom we also worked with on our CMJ showcase this year, for info on the series’ free open bar, plus some winterchat; his fave winter drinks, bands, and venues to cozy up in.


Gabriel Rodriguez, aka Supercrush Studios.

Bushwick Daily: It’s said to be the coldest winter in 10 years here in NYC. You’re from Puerto Rico. How are you taking this?

Supercrush Studios: Haha. Not so well. I think feeling like every part of your body’s frozen’s not the best feeling in the world. At the same time, you have to take it as it is. No point in complaining too much, right? Puerto Rico’s a cool 83 degrees, right now, so, as you can imagine, I’m missing the island, a lot!

Snow, ahh, the beauty.

BD: Your 3 favorite things about winter?

SCS: Snow, as I didn’t grow-up with it. The Holidays, as it’s one of the best times to visit Puerto Rico. Staying-In, watching movies, etc. You can’t be partying all the time, you know? Haha!

And, there are shitty things bout this snow.


BD: Your 3 least favorite things about winter?

SCS: Obviously, the cold, you never get used to it. I can’t bike when it’s snowing, believe me, I’ve tried. Having to wear all those freaking layers. Takes like ten minutes to get dressed!

BD: When it’s chilly what’s your fave Bushwick bar to curl up in?

SCS: There are a couple. Can’t always go to just the one.  Don Pedro, as it’s right next to my house. They treat me right there. Tandem, in the weekdays and Miles are some of the spots I visit the most.

BD: And beverage of choice?

SCS: A good-ol’ IPA, to warm the body and mind.

BD: What about a fave winter record or song that warms you right up?

SCS: Man, a couple. Anything American Analog Set, is great for winter. The new Speedy Ortiz LP is awesome, as well. And the list goes-on.

BD: Fave Wintertime Music Venue?

SCS:  Well, IN-ADDITION to Radio Bushwick, of course– Silent Barn is nice-and-cosy, and has a good sound. And Bossa Nova Civic Club is also good, because it’s so warm in there, hahaha. Helps keep everyone warm.

BD: Thank god for this Winter Music Series. Why is Radio Bushwick the perfect spot for the series?

SCS: Radio Bushwick’s a brand-new venue, with an amazing sound-system. But, more than that, they’re committed to highlighting the best up-and-coming acts of the Brooklyn Scene. That’s what makes it so perfect.


BD: Lots of local Bushwick Bands on the bills. Which band have you loved the longest and where did you first discover them?

SCS: I don’t think there’s one band I like more than the other. They’re all amazing bands, very-much connected to each-other. We’re all friends or acquaintances, at the very least. It’s very-much a family affair. 

Free beers? Sweet!

BD: Can we expect drink specials at this series?

SCS: We’ll have Complimentary Brooklyn Brewery Beer for the first hour (8:00PM – 9:00PM) of each event!

BD: Is it going to be as cool as the CMJ party we threw together back in October?

SCS: Hahaha. That was an awesome party! Let’s see how we do in these ones!


We’ll see you all at the Winter Music Series, kicking off this Saturday night with Heliotropes, Backwords,The Meaning of Life, and Clouder.

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