Welcome to 2014!  We hope  you’re sticking to your resolutions this year! 2014 will not be like last year, the year before, or the year before that one. So head to the gym, take up a new hobby, quit that job you hate so much, or just stop procrastinating on the internet when you have work to do! Most importantly, we hope your #1 resolution is to embrace the best-in-the-world music scene NYC has to offer and get your ass out to some live shows! In order to set the first weekend of the year right, we’ve counted down the best shows to attend this weekend.

#10 1-5 Relief, Rebuild and Remember: A Hip Hop Fundraiser Event For Typhoon Haiyan Survivors in the Philippines @ Paper Box (SUN 8PM, $10)

Kicking off the countdown is this Sunday’s Paper Box show.  They  will host a hip-hop fundraiser for victims affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Among some of the artists are Filipino emcees headlining, Deep Foundation,  pretty seminal hip-hop group performing, Juggaknots, who haven’t performed in a really long time, and a few other amazing hip hop groups.

#9 Friend Roulette, Life Size Maps, Slavve, IYEZ @ Glasslands (THU 8PM, $10)

Chamber pop rockers Friend Roulette is headlining this show at Glasslands with noise rock trio  Life Size Maps,  and fellow noise rockers Slavve, and IYEZ.

#8 Burlesque Legends Calendar Show @ Le Possion Rogue (SAT 7PM, $20)

burlesque calendar

This isn’t exactly a rock show but what can be more rock n’ roll than seeing a bunch of smokin’ hot ladies shimming, shaking, and taking off their clothes? Burlesque Dancers Tiny Dee and Ginger Twist will be hosting this fabulous event honoring burlesque legends from yesteryear and today. There’s no better way to start the New Year than a proper burlesque show.

#7  Celestial Shore, Wei Zhongle, Tom Blacklung, Girls & God @ DBA (Sun 8PM, $8)


celestial shore

Bushwick darlings Celestial Shore is playing this Sunday at DBA. We’ve raved about them in the past and are constantly making top shows of the weekend. So if you are one of the few that have checked them out before. Here’s your chance at Death by Audio.

#6 Double Life, Nicholas Nicholas, UXVIE,  Steve Sobs,  Silent Light @ Silent Barn (FRI 8PM, $DONATE)

This line-up brings us to tears and the melancholy electronic vibes will carry you to a happy/sad dimension through the night. Just listen to Nicholas Nicholas‘ album above and you’ll know what I mean.


#5Yvette, Future Punx, Christine’s @ Glasslands (Fri 8PM, $10)

Two piece Yvette aren’t well known yet, but they have been performing with some awesome bands and every time they get on stage they’ve impressed every single audience member with their aggressive and industrial beats. If you like Kraftwerk and any other electronic bands from the 70’s and 80’s, you’re in luck because they’re playing with Future Punx.


#4 Turnip King, Kissing is a Crime, Drag Ur World,  Bluffing @ Silent Barn (Thurs, 8PM $7)

Everybody’s favorite artist commune is hosting a Turnip King, Kissing is a Crime, Drag Ur World today! If you like post punk, shoegaze bands come check these bands out at Silent Barn.


#3 Swearin’, Cymbals Eat Guitar, @Brooklyn Night Bazaar (FRI @6PM, Free)

Hailing from Philadelphia and making base camp in Brooklyn Swearin’s lo-fi college rock from the good ol’ days (when the majority of us were still in not in college). They also have familial ties with Waxahatchee.  They’re playing with Staten Island’s own shoegazers Cymbals Eat Guitar. So get to BNB and listen to these two great bands, and whatever else you do at BNB. Eat? Shop?

#2 Magic Man, The Novel Ideas, Photocomfort @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (SAT 6PM, Free)


Magic Man is headlining Brooklyn Night’s Bazaar’s Saturday performance. We told you to come to the one on Friday, but Saturday’s performance is just as good.  They’re probably the most pop band on this list, but are worth checking out.

#1 Lost Boy?, Slonk Donkerson, Heeney,  Breakfast in Fur @ Mercury Lounge (SAT 8PM, $10)


Lost boy

Lost Boy ? is headlining this show at Mercury Lounge with Slonk DonkersonHeeneyBreakfast in Fur. We premiered Slonk Donkerson’s new video in November and we hope you like them as much as we do. This show is gonna be hot.