Grab your passports, Brooklyn, because in this latest round of Bushwick Music Crush, we’re going international. Glasgow, Scotland’s own PAWS brought their sugary, scuzzy punk sounds to Glasslands last Friday night, and we were there to capture all the action. Read on for exclusive photos from the show, set highlights, and Spotify playlist curated in honor of our newest awesome audio crush. Plus, GIFs-o-Plenty!

On Friday, the substantial Glasslands crowd was treated to a nice mix of PAWS jams both old and new; some were familiar sing (and dance) -alongs lifted from the band’s excellently fuzzy debut, Cokefloat!, while others were totally fresh, hitting audience ears for the very first time. PAWS make scruffy alternative rock that’s sweet, but never saccharine, and their irresistible collection of tracks are even better live, infused with a new energy. Take “Jellyfish,” for example; the earworm-worthy headbanger was served at three times its normal speed, making for a fun, if not dizzying, sonic experience.

Spinning guitar melodies, frantic power drumming, and ’90s-era crunch helped inject plenty of flavor into PAWS’ thoroughly entertaining set. The dudes reserved lots of time for jokes, a little small talk on the topic of their homeland, and even the harrowing tale of how PAWS were “almost eaten by a bear” (how appropriate). Okay, so maybe they weren’t actually almost eaten by a bear. But the story did inspire a great new song, and for that, my anonymous furry friend, we all thank you.

PAWS decided to save the best for last, concluding with the premiere of an epic new track entitled “War Cry.” We love that PAWS don’t take themselves too seriously (one of them even donned a Katy Perry t-shirt), but their music is able to speak for itself. Several times throughout the night, the guys relayed how glad they were to be in New York, and even mentioned wanting to move here permanently. There ain’t no cure for the music crush blues, but that’s one move we highly endorse.

Aaaand, here’s some inside scoop, which PAWS delivered straight to Bushwick Daily: the trio have just put the finishing touches on a brand new album, recorded in a cabin in upstate New York. We’ll get you all the details on the new LP when it comes out (right now that’s tentatively “sometime next year”). Until then, go add some ice cream to your soda and give that fizzy debut another listen.