They’re righteous. They’re rocking. They’re mighty Brooklyn three-piece Radical Dads, and they’re our latest Bushwick Music Crush! Last week, when Radical Dads played Glasslands Gallery, they nearly tore the roof off the place– and we were there! Read on for set highlights, photos, and Spotify playlist on the topic of this raddest of local bands, Radical Dads.


In a sharp departure from the shoegaze-y noise of their first LP, 2011’s Mega Rama, Radical Dads’ latest record is all clashing, stomping, energetic good times. With Rapid Reality, their newest LP, expect crunchy guitars, full displays of dizzying distortion, and bold, floor-shaking beats. While dual guitarists Chris Diken and rocking lady Lindsay Baker duke it out amongst themselves, Robbie Guertin (formerly of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! esteem) simply pulverizes on the drums; as a spectator, you worry that he might just bounce right up and out of his seat (which at Glasslands, of course, could be dangerous).

Loud, fast, and furious, Radical Dads set things up rather nicely for later headliners Aye Nako. But it wasn’t all serious rock n’ roll business; Chris Diken found a few moments to share his thoughts on the U.S. Open Ladies Final (“we just hope it’s a fair fight”). In addition to the latest sports news, Radical Dads also served up set highlights like “Recklessness,” “Shackleton,” and ballsy head-banger “Mountain Town.” The killer Rapid Reality album opener is an aggressive assault on the senses in the best possible way; guitars screech and soar, vocals roar, and a steady, disco-inflected beat delivers, as they all battle each other for glory.

Rapid Reality is a fearless journey, a nostalgic alt-rock ride well worth the taking. Jump on the bandwagon on Wednesday, October 2, when Radical Dads hit 285 Kent alongside other local bands Haybaby, Dead Stars, Boytoy and Honduras. Witnessing this power-trio in action is an adventure in itself!