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Wipe your glasses clean of that foggy rain, slip on a raincoat, grab a friend and carve your way to these shows this weekend. Nothing can hold you back, especially not a summer drizzle. To inspire your sense of adventure, we are highlighting the top six music shows this weekend a diligently narrowed down list of the must sees- including free shows, punk rock, a show in a temple, Brisk Iced Tea and more!

6. The Fire Tapes, Met City, New Ponies, Miwa Gemini @ The Living Room (Friday 7 PM, $?)

So, heading to the Lower East Side on a misty Friday might not seem like the most appealing option. But, if you’ve got a first date (or you’ve got a go-to gal/guy that you may or not be “dating”) we can recommend a romantic show that will leave you damp (from the rain) but also feeling awfully touchy after hearing some really beautifully crafted pop rock from Brooklyn-via-Portland’s Met City. Check the bandcamp above!

5.The Brooklyn What, Marshmallows, Old Monk, The Vansaders @ Knitting Factory (Saturday 8PM, $10)

Our ears perked up when we heard that our fave punk rockers, The Vansaders, recently got signed to Killing Horse Records. A big congrats comes their way in the form of a headlining, star-studded showcase this Saturday at the Knitting Factory. If you just want to enjoy some upbeat rock’n’roll, get drunk on PBRs, do some jangly head banging, get a bit rowdy and have a jolly good time, this is the show for you.

4. Just Blaze, DJ Slink, Brenmar, and more @ Brisk Bodega at 50 N. 3rd st (Saturday 2PM-2AM, FREE)

Is rap your thing? How about Brisk Iced Tea? Any combination of the two? If so, advance to the GO space and collect a day of awesome entertainment. If not, advance anyway and get some free beverages while tuning into some new sounds. This free series, presented by Brisk and Noisey, comes to Brooklyn this saturday for an all day (and night!) hip hop show, including performances from Just Blaze, DJ Slink, Brenmar, and more! RSVP here.


3. LODRO, Life Size Maps, The Vandelles, Young Boys, Spires @ Secret Loft at 247 N10th St (Friday, 8 PM, $10 includes beer)

We were already sold by the super solid (and super Bushwick) lineup of this loft show/party. We’ve got noir rockers Lodro, fuzzy geniuses Life Size Maps, plus hot new thangs Spires, who make psychedelic rock sound fresh again. Then we heard free kegs. Then we augmented our Friday night plans.



2.Oblivians, Ex-Cult @ Seaport Music Festival at Pier 17 (Friday, 8PM, FREE)

This free show, kicking off the Seaport Music Fest, is sweet music to our fuzz-coated ears. Oblivians are some of garage rock’s O.G.’s, bringing in some punk, blues and rockabilly influences in their time since they put out their first album in 1995. They will be wearing that title proudly tomorrow while rocking out with an eager audience in front of a freaking pirate ship. You’ve been to South Street Sea Port, right? No? Ok, it’s time.

1. Queens of the Stone Age @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (Friday 9:30PM, $16)

Good luck ever seeing arena-filling musicians Queens of the Stone Age ever playing for $16 again. Or ever playing in Brooklyn again (unless it’s Barclay’s). I’m sure they play in temples all the time but that doesn’t make this event any less cool.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime show for big stoner rock fans, especially those coming of age in the 1990s. Get on it! Tickets aren’t sold out yet, but they will be.