Sometimes by the time the end of the week rolls around, you want to get it. Grab it, make it yours. Enjoy it, savor it, do it right. Whether you’re thinking of the ass of your crush OR that satisfactory Friday night show you’ve been waiting for, go forth with Bushwick Daily’s blessing, the hymn-like statement, “Get it Guuurl.” Here are the top 9 shows this weekend in Bushwick and beyond – we’ve got FREE parties, some DIY concerts, a festival, late night DJ sets and more.

9. Beer + Liquor License Party! @ Silent Barn (Friday, 8 pm, free)

One of our fave venues, Silent Barn, has just earned their booze-handling license fair and square! To congratulate themselves they are throwing a free party with a bunch of DJs, and it’s going laaaate.


8. Chrome Sparks, Raja, Jacob 2-2, Heathered Pearls (DJ) @ Glasslands Gallery (Friday, 11:30 pm, $5)

A late night dance party with Chrome Sparks, who builds thoughtful electronic rhythms. Hit this up after attending one of the other Saturday night shows, since it starts at 11:30 pm! Plus, $5? No complaints from us.


7. Lost Boy ? , Young Buffalo, Life Size Maps, Big Ups @ Big Snow (Thursday, 9pm, $7)

Fantastic line-up through and through, but we’ve already showered our praises on Life Size Maps and would like to attend this show to see Young Buffalo tear through their power jams that are psychedelic but still grounded in pop/rock. Plus, they travelled all the fucking way from Mississippi!


6. Yellow Dogs, Bugs in the Dark, Oceanographer @ Brooklyn Bowl (Sunday, 8 pm, FREE before 7pm/$7 after)

We like The Yellow Dogs, an Iranian rock band that resides in Brooklyn. They pound out intimidating rock/dance fusion music with a punk tinge. Free before 7 pm? SWEET!


5. Quiet Loudly, I’m Turning Into, Nightfalls @ Fort Useless (Friday, 8 pm, $?)

We are all about Quiet Loudly‘s pretty, intricate guitar-driven folk rock dynamic, and I’m Turning Into are always a fun, jangly band to catch live (see if you can spot the really long rat-tail!!). Plus, if you haven’t been to Fort Useless, an art space that is in the process of turning into a non-profit, it’s a great place to  check out and support.


4. Monogold, Chappo @ Knitting Factory (Saturday, 9 pm, $5)

This show will be awesome! Monogold have been floating through the BK airwaves for some time with their gorgeous and dramatic experimental pop tunes. They’ve certainly made it onto Bushwick Daily a few times! Now they pair up with Chappo, who you may think you don’t know until you hear their pop anthem “Come Home,” which has probably been featured in 38 commercials by now.


3. Com Truise @ WIP (Thursday, 8 pm, FREE w/ RSVP)

Com Truise is as trippy and nintendo-y as DJs come. And he’s performing for free. AND there’s an open bar. Please, RSVP.


2. The Beets, Wild Yaks, Air Waves, Darlings, Beach Arabs @ Living Bread Deli (Friday, 8 pm, $10, ALL AGES)

The show features bands so special they could constitute Bushwick Music Royalty – The BeetsWild YaksAir Waves, Darlings, and Beach Arabs. They all comfortably wear a rock’n’roll nametag, but with Beach Arabs’ (who we crushed on) tropical guitar solos, Air Waves’ gentle and earnest songwriting, and headliner The Beets’ nostalgic garage feel, you’ve got a lot of rock variety to get familiar with. Plus, the show takes place in Living Bread Deli, one of the coolest DIY venues around. So cool that we featured it in our video short. Living Bread Deli is a fully functional deli during daytime hours, and is also known for hosting some of Bushwick’s best indie bands! See ya there 🙂


1.  Aputumpu Festival @ Various Venues (Thursday-Saturday, prices vary/$30 festival pass/info here)

Aputumpu‘s got a really cool thing going on for their festival this year and are doing 6 different shows – one indie, one folk/world, one punk, one electronic, 1one pop/indie, and one that mixes a little of everything together in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We see LOTS of bands we like across the 3-day fest,  including Chrome Canyon, Vensaire, Friend Roulette, Computer Magic, Eula, A Beacon School, and maaaany more. Read the info and be sure to check out at least one show!


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