It’s finally upon us: the week we’ve been anticipating. We’ve been itching to wear our best socks and then rock them right off. That’s right, Bushwick Daily will be grooving at

BirdDog Promo

‘s excellent Friday Night showcase at

Living Bread Deli

. The show features bands so special they could constitute Bushwick Music Royalty-

The Beets


Wild Yaks


Air Waves,


, and

Beach Arabs

. All comfortably wear a rock’n’roll nametag, but Beach Arabs (

who we crushed on

) feature tropical guitar solos, Air Waves bring to the table gentle and earnest songwriting, and with headliner The Beets nostalgic garage feel, you’ve got a lot of rock variety to get familiar with. Plus, the show takes place in one of the coolest DIY venues around, 

we featured it in our video short

. Living Bread Deli, which is a fully functional deli during daytime hours, is known for hosting some of Bushwick’s best indie bands. And, it’s all ages, so if your little sister is in town, no excuses to leave her home.  Don’t be a pussy! Listen to the melodic pop rock of Darlings below and tell us you don’t want to sway back and forth, juice in hand, to this band! Come out and condition those ears to some damn good music!

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