Total Slacker

You just realized it’s Friday and you’re wondering what to do tonight. Well, we’ve got you covered. Saturday night? We’re on it! And what about Sunday? Last time I checked, Sunday was still the weekend. Sitting at home, watching Netflix and ordering food is always relaxing, but wouldn’t you want to save that for after work during the week? Grab some friends – or go solo – and get to these Top 5 shows this weekend!

#5 DUST (EP Release) / Steve Summers / Torn Hawke / Le Sphinxx @ Body Actualized Center (Friday, 10pm) $10

This Friday, Body Actualized Center, home of the beloved vibers, hosts DUST’s EP Release show. Michael Shelbourn and John Barclay make up the dark Italo-Acid House duo, accompanied by Greem Jellyfish on vocals. The new EP is compiled of three tracks that will be sure to get you dancing. The night also includes Le Sphinxx, Torn Hawk, and DJ Steve Summers and Jacob Gorchov. Stop here if you’re looking for a night of “intergalactic delight and horror.”


#4 Connect: Explorations in Electronic Psychedelia @ Ran Tea House (Friday, 10pm) $8/$10 18+

If you’re willing to hop on the L or J to Williamsburg tonight, then check out Connect, an eclectic night of five DJs and five visual artists. Held at Ran Tea House (next door to 285 Kent), the evening includes “acoustic sculptures in the form of spiral seashells, a suspended sculpture built from recycled trees, live visuals and a video installation.” Chrome Sparks, Aimes, Rioux, Sheepshead, and Headaches make up the musical part of the evening while Paulapart, Katie Sullivan, Sarah Faitell, Peter Clough and Matt O’Hare provide pleasing, aesthetic visuals.


#3 Total Slacker / Le Rug / Grand Resort / Spires / O-Face @ La Piazetta (Saturday, 10pm) $8 18+

On to Saturday! Everyone’s been calling it “The Pizza Place.” Well it’s called La Piazetta – an Italian restaurant off the Graham L stop that gets turned into a venue at night. 1.21 Gigawatts has taken over for the evening to bring you a night of mayhem, including artists of the shoegaze, psychedelic, pop, lo-fi, grunge and alternative variety. Bands include Total Slacker, Le Rug, Grand Resort, Spires, and O-Face. Come a little early and grab some dinner; stay a little longer to rage to some awesome music.


#2 Porches / Krill / Butter The Children / LVL UP / High Pop @ Shea Stadium (Saturday, 8pm) $8

Another great show going on this Saturday is at Shea Stadium. Porches, Krill, Butter The Children, LVL UP and High Pop complete the line-up at this industrial DIY venue. LVL UP, High Pop, and Krill provide a fuzzy lo-fi garage pop sound for the night, while Butter the Children (who are working on a new record) bring heavier post-punk noises and Porches takes you back to the days of ’90s alternative pop rock.


#1 Torres / Mainland / Divining Rod @ The Paper Box (Sunday, 8pm) $7 21+

To close up your weekend, come to The Paper Box. Located right across the street from Shea Stadium on Meadow Street, “Nashville based, Torres makes her Brooklyn debut.” This alternative folk singer was just featured on Pitchfork’s Best New Tracks in January. Her powerful, yet soothing vocals and distorted guitar makes you feel like you’re taking a long drive up a warm autumn-colored East Coast road to blow off some steam. Supporting her act is Mainland, an indie pop rock band and Divining Rod, an acoustic alternative rock band. Come to this to have a mellow, yet eventful night to close up your weekend and to better prepare you for that inevitable case of the Mondays.