Brielle Schiavone

Writer + Photographer


House of Yes certainly ‘keeps Bushwick weird’ in truly the best possible light. 

One of their latest in-demand ventures, is specifically designed for yogis and house music fans alike. The fusion is called DeepBeats // Deep House Yoga and to put it short, the hype is real. Hosted every other Saturday from 12 p.m. 1 p.m. at House of Yes at 2 Wyckoff Ave., DJ George Faya curates his vinyasa-style class through his pulsing beats and signature deep house flow.

DJ George Faya in action (All photos by Brielle Schiavone for Bushwick Daily)

The class sells out early almost every time and upon walking into the space, one can easily see why. Warm colors of purples, pinks and oranges illuminate the dark space and your attention is immediately drawn to the scenic beach videos of swaying hammocks and crashing waves projected on the curtains, behind George Faya’s setup.

This last Saturday the class was comprised of about 35 participants and was taught by the encouraging Cathy Dirkx, who also teaches at New York Sports Club and Laughing Lotus, among other places. She weaved in and out of the practicing rows with her headset, as to be part of each person’s individual journey, rather than a fixture in the front to watch for guidance.

The class started out with a cat cow sequence and a simple flow to build on, barely any music aside from mellow, loose shuffling beats. As the instruction progressed into sun salutations and more dynamic postures, Faya picked up the BPMs and made the beat more rhythmic, but always instrumental—as to not distract from Cathy’s voice.  

“Doing these classes has helped me as a DJ immensely,” George Faya told us. “It’s about the crowd, to read them … you have to take them up and bring them back down.”

A dedicated yogi of over 10 years, coupled with a passion for nightlife, Faya felt compelled to combine the two. When asked why he decided to start DeepBeats, the Queens native explained:

“I’m inspired by the energy music can give, to drive the class to move and to breathe. When you’re flowing, music keeps you going, gives you that motivation and helps you forget about the tension from certain poses.”

“It lifts you up, finding that song that brings you happiness … you rise above,” Cathy Dirkx added.

The DJ first met Cathy Dirkx at a yoga class she taught. He explained that she has a “great musical ability and deep musical instinct,” which explains their incredible synergy when teaching together in a live setting.

Saturday’s group was particularly fiery, their concentration noted as they pummeled through the fluid yet challenging hour. Always in a minor key but maintaining an uplifting feeling throughout, Faya’s live beats matched the class’s energy seamlessly like a formula. He started off nice and slow, took the class up through more layered, melodic sounds and then finally back down, pairing atmospheric tracks with groundwork and the final relaxation.

As if DeepBeats doesn’t already sound like the best way to kickstart your weekend, House of Yes encourages everyone to join for brunch after! With a brunch purchase, participants will receive a FREE bloody mary or mimosa. A killer class plus being rewarded for your hard work-what more can you ask for?

The next DeepBeats session will be held February 11 from noon to 1 p.m. at House of Yes. Get your tickets fast—they most likely will sell out! 

Stream George Faya on SoundCloud and for more information, visit their website.