Photo via Morning Gloryville Facebook page.

This past May we told you about the crazy people of Morning Gloryville from UK who took Brooklyn by storm offering a rather non-traditional early morning raves… In short, at 6AM you can join this immersive alcohol-free dance experience, combined with yoga, massage and holistic healing therapies, to make sure that you will start your day in the most endorphin way possible. 

For all ya, brave souls who didn’t stop reading after “6AM,” we have some good news! Morning Gloryville is coming to Bushwick’s Green Fitness Studio tomorrow morning!

“Our mission is to create the space and conditions for people, from all backgrounds, ages and professions, to gather and shake off their inhibitions, [re]discover natural highs, plug into the energy of oneness, make friends, and unleash their true authentic selves. ” emailed us Nessa Norich from Morning Gloryville, and I have to say I like it.

So, seriously, I dare you…

Tomorrow… at 6.30AM to 10AM at Green Fitness Studio, join Morning Gloryville crazy people and DJs Elon and Tasha Blank. The admission is $20 advance/ $25 at the door. There will be dancing, yoga, massages, coffee and smoothies for all! And don’t forget to tag @bushwickdaily at all your Instagram photos and tweets, we simply want to hear about your feelings and congratulate you on an early morning accomplishment 🙂 RSVP on Facebook  here.