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You know there’s a heat wave in New York when you find yourself desperately stalking Google Maps on satellite view searching for a glimpse of turquoise. Yes, you need a pool in your backyard and you need it bad. But until you can get a MacroSea fancy dumpster pool, the public pools of NYC will have to do. Here is a selection of Google images of publicly accessible pools that are not too far from Bushwick. I mean, it’s nothing like Jenny Odell (above) but it’s still pretty mesmerizing, if you ask me.

Btw do you also find yourself watching this video every July like I do?

#1 King and Grove Hotel Pool (160 N 12th St, Williamsburg)

King and Grove

Ladies and gents, from the image above King and Grove’s pool, you’d think it’s nothing special. And to be honest, I’m quite happy about that because I want to take my husband there for a night swimming date soon and I don’t want to meet all of Bushwick there (*wink*). But really, King and Grove is an awesome, luxurious, saltwater oasis on the roof of a hotel with an excellent view, drinks and all you ever dreamt of but were afraid to ask. It’s not cheap to get in but it might just be worth it. $35 will get you a day pass (Monday through Thursday, Fridays and weekend it’s $45) but if you don’t have a whole day and want to just go for said romantic night swimming, you can buy a $20 ticket for 5-9PM swimming (Monday-Thursday). They dispense a limited number of tickets per day, which ensures that you won’t be packed in like sardines. Get your tix online at the beginning of the week and enjoy!

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 #2 Brooklyn Bridge Pop Up Pool (Pier 2, Brooklyn Heights Promenade)

This is the cutest little pool. The Brooklyn Pop Up Pool (30’ x 50’ and 3.5 feet deep) takes on only 60 people at once, and each of the swimmers has just 45 minutes to enjoy it. 45-minute swim sessions begin each whole hour from 10AM to 6PM, and you have to wear a wrist band to be let in. Wristbands are distributed 30 minutes before each session, which means you might have to be a little competitive to eventually dip. Just don’t make that kid behind you cry! Oh, don’t miss out on the sangria and lemonade at Lizzmonade Brooklyn.

#3 Lap Swimming at McCarren Park, (McCarren Park, Williamsburg)

You probably already know about McCarren Park and the crowds that swim there on the daily, sometimes fight and occasionally poop. But do you know about their wonderful before/after hours lap swimming program? Yes, if you simply want to work out, which is absolutely excellent, you will love their adult lap swimming program. You have to register online for the morning (7-8:30AM) or evening sessions (7-8:30PM or dusk) – or both if you’re insane like me. You will still likely have to fill out some paperwork on the spot, and be ready to be under very close supervision of lifeguards the whole time – but really, who cares when you can swim by sunset? Oh and it’s free!

#4 Bushwick Pool (Humboldt Street, Flushing & Bushwick Avenues, Bushwick)

Take a look at this patch of turquoise! Right here in Bushwick, we have a small pool of 75 x 60 x 3 feet! Located between Humboldt Street, Flushing & Bushwick Avenues, you can easily bike or walk there from the Morgan or Montrose L stops. The pool is locked between densely populated housing buildings, which promises crowds, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Until you have that dumpster pool in the backyard, taking a dip in a group might have to do.

#5 Kosciuszko Pool (Marcy Avenue between DeKalb Avenue & Kosciuszko Street, Bed-Stuy)

An Olympic-size pool is just a short bike ride away, over in Bed-Stuy! This pool is really beautiful and huge but, once again, it’s almost impossible to avoid overcrowding and harsh treatment by the employees. They won’t hesitate to shout at (or almost frisk) you when you step on the deck, making sure you don’t have any of the forbidden items, including newspaper. If you don’t mind this, then go ahead and swim!

Alright, everybody, I’m off!

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