Ah, Instagram. The app has taken up way more of my time over recent years than I care to admit. And, I assume others can relate. Despite some of its downfalls, Instagram is undoubtedly a fun platform for scrolling through images. And, if you follow the right accounts, content on the app can be very informative as well. 

Live in Bushwick? Have an Instagram account? Perfect. These are the accounts you should consider following. 

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This is an ever-evolving article, not a locked-in list. If you have an Instagram account to add, comment it below, and it will be considered. 

House of Yes

With over 100,000 followers, the House of Yes Instagram account is no secret. But, there’s a good reason behind that. Almost daily, HOY posts high quality images of performers and some of Bushwick’s most photogenic party goers. If you’re a fan of nightlife and expression, House of Yes is a great follow.

Sen. Julia Salazar

Julia Salazar is the New York State Senator of the 18th District in Brooklyn. Her posts are a mixture of resources for community members, without dry political jargon, and personal photos. Stay updated on local politics and get to know your state senator by giving Sen. Salazar a follow.

She also has a professional Instagram account, available here.

Meryl Meisler

Meryl Meisler is a photographer who, in the 1980s, photographed Bushwick residents while working as a school teacher. As her bio states, Meisler has “only just begun revealing” her huge photography archive. “Stay tuned,” she says. “The best is yet to come!”

Rafael Fuchs

Rafael Fuchs is a Bushwick-based photographer, artist and director of Thames Art Center. As a prominent figure in the local art world, Fuchs’ Instagram is a great follow. His profile is always full of beautiful, often local, photography and information about upcoming art shows in the neighborhood.

Travis American

Travis American is a writer, educator, photographer and filmmaker who spends most of his time in Bushwick. As you can see below, his Instagram is full of street photography of the neighborhood. Travis, throughout all four seasons, captures the neighborhood in full.

Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run

Who doesn’t love a feed full of dogs? If you’re a pooch lover, get to know all the neighborhood dogs by giving the Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run a follow.

Clean Bushwick Initiative

Clean Bushwick Initiative (CBI) is one of Bushwick’s staple community organizations. Throughout the year, CBI reduces litter on the streets and furthers environmental education in the neighborhood. If you’re a current or aspiring environmentalist, or simply don’t want to see the neighborhood covered in so much trash, stay up-to-date with CBI by giving the group a follow.


BK ROT is Bushwick’s local composting service. And, currently (on Oct. 7, 2021), Bushwick still does not have curbside compost pickup. So, if you want to compost, one of your best options is to drop it off at BK ROT. In addition to providing updates about its composting service, BK ROT uses its Instagram to share resources and educate the community.

Bushwick Ayuda Mutua

Bushwick Ayuda Mutua self-describes as a “network of Bushwick neighbors supporting neighbors.” The group regularly holds fundraisers and food drives to keep Bushwick residents healthy and fed. Stay up to date and learn how you can get involved by following the group on Instagram.

Mil Mundos Books

Mil Mundos is a bilingual (English and Spanish) bookstore and community resource center. In addition to selling books, Mil Mundos serves as a food pantry, language education center and more. Stay up to date and learn how to get involved by giving the business’ Instagram page a follow.

Featured image: Jackson Schroeder

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