Sure, Twitter doesn’t have nearly as many daily users as other social media giants, like Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, for that matter. But, the 15-year-old text-based social platform still has some value. For Bushwick residents, Twitter is particularly useful for staying up to date with the actions of local elected officials. And, of course, there are also some local arts and community groups that are definitely worth a follow too. 

Live in Bushwick? Have a Twitter account? 

Great. These are the accounts you should consider following. 

This is an ever-evolving article, not a locked-in list. If you have a Twitter account to add, comment it below, and it will be considered. 

Julia Salazar (@JuliaCarmel__)

Julia Salazar is the New York State Senator of the 18th District in Brooklyn. Multiple times per day, Sen. Salazar, who identifies as a democratic socialist, tweets out information that is crucial to know as a resident living in her district. Sen. Salazar often releases updates on new bills, shares stories of constituents experiencing injustices, shares volunteer opportunities and more. @JuliaCarmel__ is Sen. Salazar’s personal account. The Senator also has a professional account, @SalazarSenate, which is managed by her staff. 

Samy Nemir-Olivares (@Samynemir

Samy Nemir-Olivares is a Latinx queer activist and writer who is also a district leader in Brooklyn’s Assembly District 53, which includes sections of Bushwick and Williamsburg. Nemir-Olivares also founded Bushwick Ayuda Mutua, “A network of Bushwick neighbors supporting neighbors.” Nemir-Olivares’ tweets range from informative messages about local politics and injustices happening in the area to more personal messages, stories and thoughts. Nemir-Olivares is a great follow for any Bushwick resident who wants to stay informed and also crack the occasional smile. 

Jennifer Gutierrez (@JenGutierrezNYC)

Jennifer Gutierrez is the Democratic nominee for City Council District 34, which encompasses parts of Bushwick, Ridgewood and Williamsburg. She is also a local organizer and activist who serves as current District 34 Representative Antonio Reynoso’s chief of staff. Gutierrez does a lot of retweeting, but consistently shares information and stories about issues and events impacting those in her district. 

Sandy Nurse (@SandyforCouncil)

Sandy Nurse is the Democratic nominee for City Council District 37, which includes parts of Bushwick, East New York, Cypress Hills, Ocean Hill-Brownsville and Brownsville. She is a community organizer and carpenter who founded the local composting service BK ROT and co-founded the social justice activism home Mayday Space. Nurse tweets mostly about community politics, with a special focus on environmental issues. 

Antonio Reynoso (@CMReynoso34)

As mentioned above, Antonio Reynoso is the current representative of City Council District 34. He is also the Democratic nominee for Brooklyn Borough President. Reynoso’s tweets, compared to those made by some of the other politicians and elected officials on this list, aren’t always as focused on policies. Typically, Reynoso’s tweets are focused on community events, including local parties, volunteering opportunities and fundraisers.

Nydia Velazquez (@NydiaVelazquez)

Rep. Nydia Velazquez represents New York’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, which includes Bushwick, among other NYC neighborhoods. Of course, Rep. Velazquez tweets to a national audience. However, most of the information and resources she shares are relevant to her constituents in Bushwick. As the Chair of the House Small Business Committee, Rep. Velazquez frequently tweets out resources for small business owners. And as the first Puerto Rican woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, she shares many resources for those not originally from the 50 states. 

The Bushwick Collective (@TheBKcollective)

The Bushwick Collective is a street art non profit organization best known for its annual Bushwick Collective Block Party, which combines graffiti, street-art, music, food trucks and local vendors. While the Bushwick Collective doesn’t tweet all the time, the group routinely shares high quality images of some of the best street art in the world. If you’re into street art, particularly hyperrealist street art, following the Bushwick Collective is a no-brainer. 

Bushwick Film Festival (@BushwickFilm)

The Bushwick Film Festival, which happens each October, annually includes more than 100 films and brings together thousands of film lovers throughout Bushwick and the world. Bushwick Film Fest has a very active Twitter page, particularly around festival time each year. The festival tweets out everything from red carpet pictures and film trailers to blog posts and submission links. If you’re a film maker (or just a film fan) in the neighborhood, the Bushwick Film Festival is a must-follow.

Brooklyn Arts Council (@BKArtsCouncil)

Okay, this account is borough-wide, not specifically based in or around Bushwick. But, Brooklyn Arts Council is a very active account that frequently tweets out news, events and opportunities for all types of creatives living in Brooklyn. So, if you’re a Bushwick-based creative looking for grants, news or simply an online community, give Brooklyn Arts Council a follow.

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